Must-Have KPIs of Sales Enablement


21 Jul

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19837056_sOne of the main purposes of any sales enablement strategy is to help your sales team become more efficient and effective in their sales performance. Seismic recently published The 12 Must-Have KPIs of Sales Enablement, which measures and explains the 12 key performance indicators that will help establish a successful process for any sales team.

The guide focuses on three organizational goals: improving customer service, increasing revenue, and increasing profitability (by reducing cost). Organizations then translate these goals into strategic imperatives that the business functions are responsible for executing.

org goals kpi

The 12 KPIs are listed under one of three strategic imperatives that they will have the greatest impact on and are further classified as an indicator of the sales and marketing team’s efficiency or effectiveness.

strategic imperatives kpi

For example, reducing customer churn rates and increasing cross-sell/upsell rates are listed as effective KPIs for increasing customer lifetime value, while ranking by time urgency and content accessibility are efficient KPIs for shortening the sales cycle. The guide then explains what each specific KPI is, why it is essential to the sales enablement process, and how it is measured.

Effectively measuring these 12 KPIs is imperative to establishing repeatable processes that will ultimately help with shortening the sales cycle, reducing the cost of customer acquisition and increasing the customer’s lifetime value.

Click the link below to download the complete guide, and to learn more about all 12 KPIs for sales enablement.
Sales Enablement KPIs


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