Sales Enablement Challenges Series: Sales Strategy


17 Nov

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This is the ninth post in a series of guest posts from Brian Groth, Sales Enablement Manager at Xactly Corp.

One of the first things your company did was establish its sales strategy. It is one of the pillars of your organization, and can determine whether you’ll sink or swim. It also changes along with your company as you grow, merge, reorganize and scale, and it can be a challenge to maintain and streamline. Your sales strategy consists of what you consider to be your addressable market, how you plan to divide it into manageable areas, and how you plan to sell to accounts and individuals in those areas. This all includes segmentation, territories, personas, sales methodologies, and sales models.

Why is it a challenge?

As a sales team grows, territories will change. As sales methodologies change, mature and improve in an organization, the reps need to adapt. When a sales organization decides to adopt a partner model to help generate leads, co-sell or resell, all reps need to adopt the model as well. Essentially, any changes to the sales strategy will usually result in some type of change for sales reps. Any organization that is focused on improving will regularly make improvements to some part of their sales strategy, but this can be challenging in larger organizations, especially if all employees aren’t on board.

What can you do about it?

All changes to sales strategy require the sales enablement team’s help, whether it’s to teach a new skill or process, get acclimated to a new organization structure, or shift responsibilities and performance indicators. However, since sales enablement has some involvement with all sales roles, this team has a unique perspective to help guide sales leadership. It is important to stress the impact these changes may have on the sales reps and to provide suggestions for how to manage it. Experienced sales enablement managers can also offer guidance to what the different methodologies, models and elements that may need to be changed to improve the sales strategy.

Brian Groth is the Sales Enablement Manager at Xactly Corp, where he successfully created and currently manages Xactly’s entire sales enablement program, including the sales process, tools and training. For the full collection of Brian’s sales enablement challenges and solutions, click the banner below!

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