Sales Enablement Optimization: It’s Time to Get Strategic


10 Jan

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Despite sales enablement being a top priority for executives in the new year, sales enablement programs are still struggling to meet strategic organizational goals due to a lack of formalized processes and technologies surrounding the initiative. There’s no doubt that organizations need sales enablement, but the way it is being addressed, implemented and bolstered by sales technology needs improvement.

In order to better understand how organizations adopt and implement sales enablement, especially at the enterprise level, Seismic sponsored the 2016 Sales Enablement Optimization Study from CSO Insights. The study, while validating organizations’ need for sales enablement and the benefits surrounding it, found that even with this understanding many enterprises are still facing major challenges. The following infographic details the study’s findings.

Strategic Sales Enablement Infographic

Thinking about sales enablement strategically is the only way organizations can meet or exceed their expectations of shortening sales cycles, acquiring new accounts, and increasing win rates and revenue. Organizations that agree on a formal vision for sales enablement, create a charter that maps business goals and the scope of enablement, align the sales process to the customer journey and break down the walls between sales, marketing and operations with the right investments are the ones that will see a greater level of success in 2017.
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