SiriusDecisions Summit Day 2 Recap


We are coming to a close on the second day of the SiriusDecisions Summit in Nashville. While it seemed that Magic Johnson was setting the bar way too high for the rest of the keynote speeches and sessions, we were sorely mistaken! Below is a recap of the second day, although there is more excitement to come tonight at the Green Tie Gala.

  • Seismic Customer Presentations: Vince Lowe from Synchrony Financial and Grace Healy from Prudential Capital joined us for two fantastic case studies about how they are using Seismic. Vince, the VP of Sales Effectiveness at Synchrony, spoke about his 8 stages of engagement sales model and how technology improves sales productivity. Grace, CMO at Prudential Capital, discussed her company’s journey of developing a digital marketing platform to improve relationship management on a global scale. We are so glad they were able to join us and share their Seismic success stories.

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  • Product Showcase Theater: Seismic’s own Dave Myron, VP of Product Marketing, gave a great presentation on how Seismic is used as an end-to-end sales enablement solution. Amidst the chaos and excitement of the Product Marketplace, a number of attendees sat in to hear about how Seismic allows marketers to control the message while also allowing sales reps to personalize their content and presentations.

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  • Sirius Keynotes: After a brief lunch, a few of us attended two informative keynote sessions. The first was “Compensation Dictates Behavior and is Killing B2B Alignment,” which spoke about different forms of compensation and how compensation may inadvertently be threatening the fundamental operations of your organization. One example of this was of an inside sales rep whose main responsibility was teleprospecting, or cold calling. Through the grapevine or other informal communication channels, this rep learned that if he performed really well at this job, he would be promoted to field rep within a year or so. But instead of putting his head down and focusing on the tasks at hand, he began spending time with other field reps as a way to prepare for a role that wasn’t even his yet. This caused the cold calling performance to falter, and could lead to poor revenue growth if the behavior continued and spread.
  • The second keynote, “Growth Hacking Through B2B technology,” discussed how you can strategically use technology to grow your company without increasing headcount or manpower. When technology is implemented strategically, sales will see increased productivity and improved customer experiences. But this technology must be brought on purposefully; a live poll during the session indicated that 67% of organizations report that the amount of scrutiny on sales, marketing and product technology spend is increasing. The days of carte-blanche technology spending are over, and it’s now important to to make rationalized and careful purchase decisions.
  • Seismic Booth Activity: We’ve been seeing a lot of action at booth 330! There have been a ton of very detailed and valuable conversations with prospects, peers and customers who really seem to understand the importance of sales enablement and marketing/sales alignment.

Stay tuned for more from the Summit this week!

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