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13 Lessons Jon Miller Has Taught Us About Marketing Success

If you haven’t already heard the exciting news, Seismic announced Jon Miller as the keynote speaker for our second annual user conference, Seismic Shift. Jon is currently the CEO and co-founder of Engagio, an account based marketing solution for Marketo customers. Previously, Jon was a co-founder at Marketo (Nasdaq:MKTO), a leader in marketing automation. 

As a way to celebrate our latest addition to the Seismic Shift agenda, we have compiled a list of marketing best practices and trends that Jon has taught us and helped us to implement. Below are 13 things we’ve learned here at Seismic, and are looking forward to hearing more about at Seismic Shift 2015:

From The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation:

  1. Marketing automation can increase marketing staff productivity between 1.5-6.9%, and sales staff productivity between 1.6- 6.4% (p. 52).
  2. Marketing automation ROI: The three core benefits to marketing automation include saving time and money, measuring and optimizing marketing investments, and faster revenue growth. (p 55)
  3. Getting marketing automation buy-in from your executive team requires an understanding of management’s overall goals and proving how marketing automation fits into those; by proving that marketing automation would quantify marketing’s success (and providing case studies of success) will help guide the discussion towards a “yes.” (p. 64)

From The Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing:

  1. The new digital buyer is empowered, knows how to opt out from unwanted interactions, and has higher expectations for sales and service correspondence. (p. 5)
  2. The value of behavioral targeting: “Knowing who your customers are is great, but knowing how they behave is even better.” (p. 58)
  3. Coordinating your marketing message across different channels involves integrating email, social media, your website and other mediums in a way that is seamless across all of a user’s devices and tracks every action. (p. 110)

From The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Marketing Analytics:

  1. Plan for measuring and reporting marketing ROI by establishing targets and ROI estimates upfront, designing programs to be measurable, and focusing on the decisions that will improve marketing over time. (p. 10)
  2. Revenue cycle projections give you deeper insights into longer-term impacts of your programs and can help you plan for the future value of today’s investments. (p. 41)
  3. Best practices for marketing forecasting include modeling the revenue cycle stages and how leads move through each stage; getting accurate inputs for how many leads will be put into the system over future periods; modeling the flow of current/new leads; and reviewing the results and applying management judgement to the final forecast. (p. 41)

From Seven Thought-Provoking Ways That Account Based Marketing Turns Demand Generation Upside Down:

  1. According to the ITSMA, account based marketing delivers the highest ROI of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic.
  2. Account based marketing is outbound focused but isn’t about interruption marketing; it instead applies some of the best concepts from demand generation and outbound prospecting into a hyper-focused strategy for personalized interactions.

From All About Account-Based Marketing:

  1. Up to 17 people influence enterprise purchases (which is up from 10 in 2011). Combining this with individuals’ expectations for a personalized experience means much more focus on the details.
  2. Great account-based marketing requires great account knowledge. This requires creating content that the right people in your target companies truly want to read and share.

Seismic Shift will bring together customers, partners and sales enablement experts to share their strategies and best practices and will showcase how organizations are using Seismic to increase sales team productivity and marketing efficiency. As a marketing technology expert and entrepreneur, we are thrilled to have Jon lend his perspective to some of the latest marketing trends and best practices at Seismic Shift 2015.

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