Takeaways from the 2020 Sales Enablement Society Virtual Experience

Each year, the Sales Enablement Society (SES) hosts an annual conference, Experience, which brings together practitioners, partners, and thought leaders in the sales enablement community. Seismic has been a supporter of SES since its inception, and this year we were proud to be a platinum sponsor for SES Experience. 

But this year’s event was a little different than normal. For four days, the fully-virtual event brought together members and vendors from home offices around the globe to hear from keynote speakers and panel discussions, as well as participate in breakout and networking sessions.

Some of the key takeaways from this year’s event included:

Data will be a vital guide for sales content performance

During the first day of SES, Seismic CEO and co-founder Doug Winter participated in a mainstage panel with other industry leaders to discuss the future vision of sales enablement and share some of the key trends in the new business environment. When the world shifted to a work-from-home model, sales and marketing leaders needed to make data-driven decisions to identify their most effective content. Solutions like Seismic saw increased use of dashboards and analytics tools as revenue teams relied on data to measure content performance. As organizations move forward, they will continue to leverage tools like content analytics to boost marketer and seller effectiveness after the pandemic is over. 

Consistency is key

This year, I was thrilled to lead a session which focused on building a “customer-centric enablement ecosystem” within an organization. If you missed it, I’ll share my three reasons for creating a consistent customer experience:

  1. First, if different teams within your company are telling different stories throughout the customer lifecycle, it can lead to confusion and diminish the value of your product or service.
  2. Second, when all customer-facing teams are trained the same way, companies can avoid potential skill gaps that negatively impact how buyers are served throughout the customer lifecycle.
  3. Lastly, make sure your entire customer-facing team has access to the same quality content, aligned to different buyer journeys to ensure a consistent flow of information and education.

Interactive content puts buyers in the driver’s seat

Seismic vice president of product marketing Jam Khan discussed how to create immersive experiences that sellers love during his session on Day 3 of SES Experience. Such immersive experiences are powered by interactive content, which can be created using tools like Seismic’s LiveContent and Microapps by Tiled. Jam explained how interactive content flips the traditional seller-buyer conversation on its head by allowing the buyer to drive the conversation, saying that, “by creating a choose-your-own-adventure experience, you’re able to tailor your content story to [the buyer’s] needs.” Additionally, interactive content experiences are much more conducive to storytelling than a static, linear piece of content.

If you missed the SES Experience 2020, I invite you to refer back to the SES events page often and to stay up-to-date on SES news. I also encourage you to follow SES across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Irina Soriano
Irina Soriano
Head of Enablement
For 12+ years, I built global Enablement functions for professional service companies and Saas start-ups while being based in EMEA, APAC, and the US. As a leader, I have consistently pioneered new enablement, learning and operational initiatives worldwide, built positive employment cultures, and coached top performers. I have been equally successful in revitalizing struggling teams and building new enablement and learning functions from the ground up. I am currently serving as Head of Enablement at Seismic, the industry’s leading sales enablement solution and storytelling platform, and moved into this role after Seismic's acquisition of Percolate. At Percolate, I built and led the global Enablement and training team supporting the company’s GTM function. To contribute to the Enablement community, I am leading the NYC chapter for Women In Sales Enablement (WiSE), contribute regular blog content to our Seismic Enablement blog as well as my personal website, and regularly take part in webinars and keynotes.