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3 Content Metrics Your Medical Device Organization Should Start Tracking Now

Deals are often made or lost by content.

Content marketing is essential to the medical device industry. MD Connect reports that 80% of patients use search engines to look for information on medical conditions and healthcare, meaning that having the right content available is critical. Valuable content educates buyers and provides solutions to their problems, but that’s not all. According to Demand Metric, content costs 62% less than traditional marketing activities and provides 3x as many leads for the investment.

However, tying content to revenue has historically been difficult. Many marketers are unsure of how to track their content’s success and prove the value of their efforts. This makes it difficult for executives to justify their investment in content creation.

To measure content effectiveness, there are three main categories of metrics you should be tracking. They are content usage, content engagement and content value or ROI.

Content Usage

Content usage metrics are important because they indicate trends about how your internal teams create and use content. Understanding what content Sales is using is crucial for many reasons. It helps Marketing teams determine if the materials they are providing Sales are being used throughout the sales cycle. Additionally, it allows Marketing to ensure that Sales is only using the most up-to-date and compliant materials, which is particularly important in a highly-regulated industry.

Understanding these content metrics also reveals trends about how Sales and Marketing teams work together.

Content Engagement

Content engagement analytics allow medical device organizations to determine the needs of their buyers. By understanding how buyers are interacting with content, Sales and Marketing teams can understand what pain points exist and how their solution can help.

Content Value and ROI

Content value or ROI is the ultimate measure of content effectiveness. Understanding content engagement analytics and usage statistics along with using a sales enablement solution allows organizations to effectively track the ROI of the content they are creating. By having a strong grasp on a piece of content’s true ROI, teams can make more informed decisions about what type of materials to use throughout the sales cycle.

To learn more about how and why to track content engagement, usage, and value, download The Content Analytics Guide for the Medical Device Marketer