3 Hot Technology Tips To Share Over Thanksgiving Dinner

There’s a good chance that on Thanksgiving, you’re going to run into relatives who are not up to speed on the latest technology. Even if you’re not the most tech savvy person at the dinner table, you may be tossed a series of questions.

“Why is my computer slow?”

“How do I get these pictures off my phone and onto my laptop?”

If you want to be the hero of Thanksgiving without having to roast a delicious turkey, come prepared with answers. Here are three hot tips you can share with your friends and family that will go a long way, even among non-techies.

1. Keep it updated
This is a tip that anyone in the business world is bound to appreciate. Recommend helpful software to members of your Thanksgiving dinner to save them time in the future. Seismic can help professionals keep their company collateral up-to-date, which is invaluable in the workplace. Relatives who may not be up to speed on the latest, greatest technology in the industry will thank you later.

2. Back it up
Your mother may still be cringing over music files she lost when her computer crashed. Your cousin might be terrified of losing his photos on his laptop. Although 21st century technology can do some amazing things, it isn’t flawless. For this reason, it’s worth your time to explain the ins and outs of cloud backup to your Thanksgiving attendees. Your grandmother might think you’re joking when you toss around the word “cloud,” but as you know, backup is critical in the Digital Age.

3. Play it safe
Everyone will likely be posting photos of their Thanksgiving dinner to Instagram and Facebook, which will give you a prime opportunity to talk about using social networking efficiently. It sounds like a boring topic, but there are likely a slew of facts that your friends and family don’t know.

For example, did you know that your Facebook comments are searchable? Were you aware that Twitter gathers information through tweet buttons across the Web?

Just a couple of these quick facts can raise eyebrows at your Thanksgiving dinner table, which gives you a prime opportunity to share your two cents on social networking. With your grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles all in the same room, you can offer everyone an invaluable lesson on keeping their personal lives private, secure and safe this holiday season.

Whether it’s your entrepreneurial cousin who’s craving tech tips or your behind-the-times father, you can be the most popular person on Turkey Day this year with these three tips. You don’t need to pour on the tech facts like gravy, but sprinkling them into light meal conversation can help you make a memorable impression. Who knows? Your knowledge may even get you a few holiday cocktail party invitations.

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