3 Reasons Content Management Improves Sales Enablement

On average, sales reps spend up to 30% of their time searching across 7 different systems for the right content. And that’s just when they know what their looking for, imagine how much time they waste on top of that deciding what content to use.  If that’s not enough to convince you on how a content management solution can improve sales productivity, read on for 3 more reasons.

Aligns sellers to resources throughout the buyer’s journey.

Buyers can access piles of information online, but they also want salespeople to provide the resources they need when they need them in the purchase process. In fact, SiriusDecisions research shows that the vast majority of buyers think this way:

79% of b2b buyers say the content they receive from salespeople is very to extremely influential in their vendor selection process.

Replicates winning strategies across your sales team.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could replicate the habits of your A-Sellers across your B-Sellers and C-Sellers? Fortunately, you can! Though you aren’t able to clone your top reps, you can certainly track their winning behaviors and distribute this knowledge across your sales force.

Sales enablement makes it easy for sellers to harness the resources, expertise, and insight from across your organization – without wasting time searching or guessing which materials they should use.

Now, your entire team has access to the right talk tracks, presentations, and subject matter experts that move the needle. Most importantly, they have time to focus on what really matters: giving customers the best experience possible.

Helps you make smarter content investments.

Companies are pouring time and money into content development to support salespeople and shape the modern buyer’s purchasing journey. In fact, the average billion-dollar organization spends $17.5 million on content creation alone. And, disturbingly 65% of these investments go unused.

This is obviously a HUGE drain on marketing resources. But to make matters worse, this often means that sellers are ill-equipped to engage with customers because they don’t have the right content to do so.

Many organizations claim they don’t have the time or money to invest in new technology. Yet the right solution can enable your sales teams to close bigger deals more efficiently. What else do you think is critical to improving sales enablement?

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