3 reasons why you don’t want to miss Digital Shift

Seismic Digital Shift is the industry’s largest gathering of sales, marketing, and enablement professionals. For several years, Seismic has hosted the event to give customers an opportunity to share their journey, successes, and best practices.

This year’s event is the first time that Shift has gone digital and is open to the entire enablement community. We look forward to delivering a two-day event for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home office. 

Why should I attend?

As more engagement takes place in digital channels, sales enablement will play an increased role in bringing together marketers and sellers to deliver exceptional experiences for customers. Seismic Digital Shift is an event where attendees can learn from and be inspired by industry experts who are leading the way in creating personalized customer experiences that build trust and relationships at scale. 

The theme of this year’s event is Enablement. Storytelling. Growth

Join us March 24-25, 2021, and choose from 60+ sessions where more than 100 professionals will share actionable insights to help level-up your practice. Seismic customers will have access to an agenda that empowers users to harness the power of the full Seismic platform. If you haven’t already, register today

3 reasons you don’t want to miss Digital Shift

1 – The inspirational speakers

Digital Shift is a two-day, fully virtual sales enablement event for industry professionals and Seismic customers. Day one will feature keynote addresses from innovative thinkers who have made an impact in their respective industries. Speakers include: 

  • John W. Thompson & Jean-Philippe Courtois –  Seismic CFO John McCauley will host a Master Class in Business Transformation with Lightspeed Venture Partner and Microsoft Board of Directors Chairman John W. Thompson and the Microsoft Executive Vice President & President of Global Sales, Marketing & Operations Jean-Philippe Courtois. 
  • Katie Sowers – In a fireside chat, the first woman to coach in the Superbowl will discuss her unique experience challenging the status quo and enabling teams to work together to achieve more.  
  • Kindra Hall – The New York Times bestselling author of Stories that Stick will share an inspirational keynote address that highlights how companies can grow their brand, attract new leads, and build more business through the art of storytelling. 
  • Arshay Cooper – The leader of the first all-Black rowing team will be joined by the former Vanguard Group Chairman and CEO Bill McNabb to discuss how embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion enables businesses to unlock long-term success. 

2 – Thought leaders and industry practitioners

Seismic’s leadership will also take the virtual stage, including co-founder and CEO Doug Winter, CMO Michael Londgren, CPO Krish Mantripragada, CCO Andy Bergen, CFO John McCauley, as well as Vice President of Market Growth Heather Cole, Vice President of Inclusion Donna DeBerry, and Vice President of Enablement Irina Soriano. They will be joined by thought leaders and industry growth hackers from IBM, Lincoln Financial Group, Microsoft, Nintex, and SAP. 

Day two will offer a deeper dive into the Seismic platform with a focus on educating and empowering users. Enablement leaders and visionaries will share case studies, customer success sessions, and networking chats. Krish Mantripragada will share the Seismic product roadmap before sales enablement leaders from Citrix and Philips share insights and best practices to maximize the value of the Seismic platform. 

3 – Breakout sessions featuring customer stories, best practices, and more 

Attendees can select and attend breakout sessions that feature customer stories, Seismic platform best practices, enablement thought leadership, and industry insights. All sessions will be hosted on a single platform where attendees can chat, ask questions, download resources, and win prizes. 

How will the virtual conference experience work?

Digital Shift is an easy-to-access conference experience that attendees can join from the comfort of their home office. The full conference will be streamed on a custom virtual event platform that includes chat features, gamification, and on-demand content. Keynote addresses and breakout sessions will run for 20-30 minutes. 

Attendees can curate their own Digital Shift journey by selecting from the more than sixty unique sessions to create an experience that aligns with their business goals. 

Join us for inspirational speakers, informative sessions, product announcements, prizes, and more—all for free! Registration is open and we can’t wait to see you there!