5 Holiday Gift Ideas For Wealth Management Clients

The holiday season is a time for giving, but what should you give your wealth management clients? Unlike shopping for your spouse or children, you need to keep yourself in a professional state of mind. Here are some safe, enjoyable gift ideas you can consider, whether you’re wandering through the mall or browsing the Internet.

1. Calendars
This is a practical gift idea that anyone can get use out of in the New Year. Desk or wall calendars are both perfect for clients.

2. Food
Who doesn’t love a box of chocolates? Delivering a special arrangement of sweet treats can be a great way to show your clients that you’re thinking of them this holiday season.

3. Stationery
Similar to calendars, stationery can be useful in an office setting. Furthermore, you can customize stationery with your wealth management firm’s logo to keep yourself at the forefront of clients’ minds after the holidays.

4. Gift cards
To show your clients that you care without going overboard, consider giving out gift cards. This will give recipients the opportunity to buy themselves something that falls in line with their interests.

5. Donations
This holiday season, think about giving back to your community by offering your clients an opportunity to donate to their favorite charities via your company. Regardless of what you decide to purchase for your clients, there are a couple of rules you’ll want to abide by. It’s a good idea to stay away from alcohol unless you know that your customers have a particular taste for wine or liquor. Additionally, avoid gag gifts that could be taken the wrong way.

Remember to mail your gifts early or opt for expedited shipping to ensure that they get to your customers before the holidays. By taking these tips into account, your wealth management firm will be well on its way to spreading seasonal cheer.

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