5 ways marketing teams become more strategic with automation

Asset management firms of all sizes are rapidly adopting automation systems for their marketing operations. Why? One big reason is that these systems free up marketing people to do the strategic work they’re capable of rather than the menial tasks they’ve been stuck with for years.

With automation systems, there’s no more repetitive cutting, pasting and re-keying of data. There’s also much less scrambling to meet last-minute requests. In fact, the efficiency gains have been so significant that some firms have been able to reallocate entire jobs to higher-value activities. Rather than reducing headcount, firms are using redirected marketing employees to add value and energy to existing programs, and to fire up new marketing initiatives. Also, find out whether you are empowering your relationship managers with the right technology.

From discussions with industry contacts and Seismic customers, we’ve developed the following list of the top five ways redeployed and refocused marketing people are adding value and creating competitive advantages for their firms.

Be more of a resource for clients

Marketing teams can spend time gaining a better understanding of the data and information they work with, which helps them be better resources for clients. For example, when client reporting teams can see the correlation between the data and commentary in a piece, they’re able to answer more client questions about that material. This gives clients the accurate and quick answers they want, and avoids the “Let me get back to you” response. With automation systems, more people on asset management firms’ teams are able to directly add value in client interactions.

Improve marketing operations processes

Team members can step back from day-to-day operational issues and look at the bigger picture. When incorrect footnotes keep showing up in documents, for example, instead of correcting them month after month, the marketing team can identify and analyze the source of the problem and fix it. By making these types of overall process improvements, marketing teams can scale their efforts, doing more and doing it better with the same headcount.

Focus on the needs of new and future customers

Marketing teams can look further out over the horizon with customer acquisition. With an automation system in place, they have time to develop strategies and programs geared toward the needs and preferences of potential new customers, not only in the near term, but also well into the future.

Spend more time with clients, intermediaries and advisors

Automation systems significantly reduce the time it takes to prepare for client meetings. Freeing up this preparation time allows marketing teams to touch base more often with intermediaries, advisors and clients. It also enables distribution teams to conduct more meetings with existing clients and prospects.

Make better use of customer data and marketing content

Automation systems break down the barriers that often separate key resources, such as customer data and marketing materials. These systems make it easy to combine and use a firm’s best customer data and collateral materials, which frees up marketing teams to develop new and strategic programs for prospective clients.

Asset management companies’ marketing staffs are loaded with smart, talented and dedicated people. By automating the mundane tasks that bog down their productivity, automation systems free up these marketers to focus on more strategic initiatives. With these new systems, asset management companies can stop under-utilizing these key employees, and redirect them to more strategic and impactful marketing initiatives.