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6 Stats from the Aberdeen Group to Improve Sales Effectiveness

The Aberdeen Group is a provider of fact-based business intelligence research that aims to understand individuals’ decisions and experiences when it comes to running their businesses. As such, Aberdeen is highly involved in the field of sales enablement and effectiveness, and has provided Seismic with some statistics to help strengthen the case for improving the effectiveness of your company’s sales organization.

  1. Solution integration: The largest gap between top performing companies and under-achievers (57% vs. 40%) lies in integrating sales intelligence and the CRM platform.

This is important to consider when evaluating sales enablement solutions. Make sure the solutions you invest in are able to integrate with your existing solutions to make a transition as smooth as possible.

  1. Sales interactions: 45% of best-in-class prioritize improving the personalization of sales conversations.

Companies that value personalized sales conversations understand that this is an ongoing process. You can’t get complacent, and you can always improve interactions with customers. This involves understanding their needs and problems, and connecting your own company’s collateral to these conversations.

  1. Content accessibility: 47% of best-in-class companies report access to relevant rich media content for reps to use with prospects as being the most important capability of sales enablement solution.

As stated in stat #2, top sales organizations prioritize valuable conversations with prospects. This means giving reps access to relevant and contextual content for specific sales situations without compromising time; if it takes too long to find sales collateral sales reps will opt out of using it altogether.

  1. Sales coaching: 60% of best-in-class companies who provide real-time, deal specific sales coaching rely on a dynamic library of marketing and sales assets.

Sales coaching is incredibly important when building a successful sales force. Coaching is an ongoing process, and is more than just the initial training sales reps must complete before getting their quotas. Having a dynamic, updated library of training and coaching assets will help foster an effective coaching process.

  1. Sales cycle: Sales operations leaders providing deal-specific coaching report a 14% shorter average sales cycle than non-adopters.

Having an effective coaching strategy not only helps new reps prepare to sell, but it helps them sell successfully and efficiently. One main goal of companies is to close deals as quickly as possible, and having deal-specific coaching will help to shorten sales cycles on average.

  1. Adoption: Best in class sales organizations are more than 2x as likely to be first adopters of sales effectiveness solutions.

The bottom line is top sales organizations are pioneers in the realms of sales technologies and solutions. When it comes to making sure their teams are the most effective, they will carefully research and invest in the right tools to ensure this success.

For more sales insights from Aberdeen, please join Seismic and Aberdeen’s VP of Sales Effectiveness and Strategy, Peter Ostrow, next Thursday, February 19 at 2:00 pm EST for our webinar, How Best-in-Class Companies Exceed Quota with Sales Enablement Strategies. Sign up by clicking the banner below!

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