9 Best Tweets From SiriusDecisions Summit 2017

SiriusDecisions Summit 2017 was a jam packed three days. The Venetian was bustling with conference goers hurrying from session to session, eager to learn and share. Plenty of themes emerged over the few days, including that account based marketing tactics are in high demand, and that the importance of sales and marketing alignment has never been greater.

Throughout the conference there was a feeling of congeniality spread amongst the attendees. “We’re all in this together,” seemed to be an underlying credo for everyone. People compared notes at sessions, ate meals together, and shared their experiences freely. This feeling of sharing and openness crossed over to social media, as well. The hashtag #SDSummit was extremely active all week from early morning sessions to late night parties. We’ve compiled the 9 best tweets of the SiriusDecisions Summit below.

One of the biggest highlights of the conference was the unveiling of SiriusDecisions new Demand Waterfall. This was a highly anticipated development and as this tweet shows people were quick to snap a shot they could look back on and reference later. Every session was full of people taking their phones out to grab a picture of a piece of useful information.

A key topic during the entire Summit was sales and marketing alignment. Now more than ever, it is crucial that these two teams work together and care about each other’s activities. The quote in this tweet explains the importance of Marketing being involved with the entirety of a buyer’s journey.

Account based marketing was all the rage at SiriusDecisions Summit 2017. There were over 20 sessions on ABM across the three days of the conference. Why was it such a popular topic? As this tweet explains, any company can participate as long as they employ the right account based marketing tactics.

There was tons of giveaways and swag available from all of the vendors the exhibited in the marketplace this year. But SiriusDecisions really hit the nail on the head with their giveaway: 5 hour energy and a goodie bag full of necessary items like vitamin C. It was a long 3 days and those all came in handy.

The Green Tie Gala was a smashing success, as were the outfits that people wore to meet the dress code!


The Counting Crows performed at this year’s Green Tie Gala and the crowd was treated to an up close and intimiate set from the band. Some attendees were able to get up front and take some pictures that surely made their 90’s self jealous.

One of the keynote speakers this year was singer-songwriter Jewel. She gave an emotional and empowering talk about the importance of developing and nurturing an emotional language. She also performed a few songs for the crowd too.

And finally, we at Seismic gave away an actual bar of gold to one lucky winner of our Plinko game. Congrats to Linda Sherman of NCR!

SiriusDecisions Summit 2017 was a smashing success and we look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s conference!

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