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A Brief History of Sales Enablement Technology [Infographic]

To some, it may seem like sales enablement—as a term, a strategy, or a technology—seemed to appear out of midair sometime in the last decade. When you consider that sales has been around almost as long as humanity, it’s a wonder that “sales enablement” is so new to us in comparison; it’s about time we start using technology to help our sales reps succeed! Organizations are beginning to recognize sales enablement’s role in sales success: 61 percent of organizations surveyed by SiriusDecisions have a sales enablement function, while 12 percent plan to build one. As sales enablement continues to grow in importance, so does the technology necessary to support it. Let’s take a look at how far sales enablement technology has come, and get excited for the inevitable growth to come.

A Brief History of Sales Enablement

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According to Forrester, “more B2B marketing professionals see sales enablement as a key way to address their top challenges” going into 2017.  Check out the first ever Forrester Wave™: Sales Enablement Automation Systems, Q3 2018 to get a complete look at the current state of sales enablement and the leading vendors within it.


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