Sales coaching, learning, and enablement: Analyst firm names Seismic a Leader in latest report

Seismic was named a Leader in the Aragon Globe for Sales Coaching and Learning, 2021. Lessonly by Seismic co-founders, Max Yoder and Conner Burt, share their thoughts on the latest analyst report and what to expect from the next wave of enablement.

Hey everyone, how’s it going? Max and Conner here from Lessonly by Seismic. It’s hard to believe it’s been two months since we announced Seismic’s acquisition of Lessonly. From an outstanding Yellowship to Seismic’s Fall product release and Lessonly’s October product updates, a lot has happened since that news. We’ve been busy but we’d like to take a moment to reflect on a new Aragon GlobeTM report that named Seismic a Leader in Sales Coaching and Learning (SCL).

When we first told our customers that Seismic and Lessonly were coming together, they responded with resounding positivity and cheers. It was evident to our customers (and us!) that it made sense to take this partnership to the next level. We’re only two months in, and the number of customers using both Seismic and Lessonly is picking up speed. Plus, our existing joint customers are seeing incredible results from the deepened, native integration. Don’t just take our word for it — Deluxe, a joint customer, uses both Seismic and Lessonly solutions to train and coach its sellers for digital-first selling.

We feel the wind at our back, and we believe we’re the frontrunner in enablement. 

Max Yoder and Conner Burt

With all this momentum propelling us forward, it’s delightful to see the market take notice, too. We’re honored to be named a Leader in The Aragon Research Globe for Sales Coaching and Learning, 2021. This is only Aragon’s second Globe report covering the SCL space and Lessonly by Seismic’s first time being included, so it’s great to land in the Leader quadrant. 

The report says great things about our platform but Aragon is also bullish about the SCL space overall, calling it a “must-have part of the sales tech stack.” This is music to our ears. While we firmly believe that sales training is a core part of any go-to-market tech stack, this moment simply doesn’t happen without the support of our customers or the formalization of enablement in organizations worldwide. 

Today’s leading companies recognize that their traditional LMS, typically purchased by the HR or People Operations team, can’t cut it in today’s virtual selling environment. The modern sales rep needs training and practice to bridge the gap between knowing a product or concept and being able to execute it in front of a prospective customer. Traditional LMS platforms are missing this essential piece. The pace of change in sales, from new products to new pricing and selling motions, requires purpose-built sales training and coaching software like Lessonly by Seismic. And it’s even more powerful when training content is side-by-side with sales and marketing content in a user-friendly, robust enablement platform like Seismic. 

Enablement and sales training go hand-in-hand. When you take a step back and look at the fundamentals of any sales organization, you’re trying to do three things: hire sellers, train and onboard them properly, and enable them to deliver a differentiated customer experience. Blending Seismic and Lessonly together takes care of step two and three. It’s silly to think that these were separate for so long, but now that we’re together, we know there’s even more room to innovate this industry and help grow the market.

The next wave of enablement is all about building a platform for our customers to thrive today and in the future. Enablement as a function has grown to become incredibly important, and the most visionary organizations have enablement reporting directly into the C-Suite. It’s time that Enablement teams have the right software to do better work.

Well, this has been fun! If you’ve read this far, and you want to see Aragon’s report for yourself, good news — you can download it right here from Seismic’s website.

Take care,

Max and Conner