Asset Management Firms: Increase Efficiency Without Sacrificing Quality

Delivering a world-class client experience requires constant evolution of people, process and technology. How closely marketing, client reporting and relationship management teams work together determines the end result for clients.

So where does the process falter at most institutional asset management firms, resulting in a less-than-stellar client experience? It’s at the intersection of the firm’s data and the client-facing materials used by relationship managers.

When updates to compliant materials take a month each quarter, marketing teams are inefficient and are unable to scale their efforts enough to support sales. When relationship managers are out in the field and unable to personalize or even access the materials they need, they can’t effectively deliver to clients and prospects. This means that a firm’s ultimate goal of providing a quality client experience cannot be consistently met.

So how can asset management firms speed up this process and continue to please a growing number of clients consistently?

One firm was able to do so by improving the efficiency of updating quarterly client reviews:


Before Seismic, one leading capital management firm spent an excessive amount of time conducting client reviews, each of which included data from Salesforce. All review had to be created or updated manually, which would take a month or longer to put together each quarter.


Now, this firm is able to automatically pull the most recent data from Salesforce and other data sources, which is immediately populated in all specified documents and collateral. This allows for all client reviews to be updated in less than a day, allowing for this excess time to be allocated to other activities, including enhancing customer relationships and scaling the business.


  • Time spent on client review generation reduced from 30 days to one or less each quarter
  • Time saved totals at 29 days per quarter, or 116 days per year
  • Marketing and administrative users are able to dedicate these saved days to more productive tasks such as improving the customer experience, and sales reps are able to spend time with more clients

Increasing the efficiency of a marketing team can allow relationship managers to deliver high quality client reviews, pitchbooks and presentations that enhance the client experience. Institutional asset and wealth management firms recognize the benefit of delivering a differentiated client experience: the lifetime value of a single customer can easily be in the millions of dollars.

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