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It’s August. The oft-celebrated dog days of summer are in full swing, so let’s be honest with ourselves. Most folks are on vacation doing absolutely nothing productive, and those who are actually in the office, presumably reading this post, probably aren’t doing a whole lot either. No. That’s unfair. They are, but not really.

Hey, we get it. Don’t harsh the stunners. Everyone wants, and should, enjoy August, which is why this post is about having a little light fun. Pushing aside the verbose, formal, consultancy speak about active versus passive strategies, asset management outflows, ROI, content automation, sales enablement, blockchain, and industry consolidation, here is a nine-question trivia challenge derived from the topics, facts, and figures discussed by this blog since the start of the year.

The format is multiple choice, and don’t worry, you won’t be timed. The correct, hyperlinked answers can be found at the end of the quest (not a quiz; not a test; it’s a quest); therefore, and I shouldn’t have to write this, no cheating, please.


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Which current member of Seismic’s account-based marketing team was featured in a March interview and contributed a June post on women in finance? Bonus: At which asset management firm did he or she work before joining Seismic?

a. Alyssa Drury; AB

b. Blake Grubbs; Franklin Templeton

c. Mat Ludwig; BlackRock

d. Jillian Hughes; Wellington


According to Linedata’s 2017 Asset Management and Administration study, which percentage of those surveyed believed the top challenges for North American firms are investment performance and operational efficiency?

a. 27 percent

b. 44 percent

c. 62 percent

d. 38 percent


In terms of rounded dollars, what record amount of new assets entered global ETF markets during the first half of 2017?

a. $348B

b. $390B

c. $197B

d. $214B


In a March survey of Seismic clients, which percentage said that improving client satisfaction was the main goal for automating personalized content?

a.48 percent

b. 53 percent

c. 58 percent

d. 77 percent


Which $4.4 trillion firm’s CEO announced in July that he is stepping down next January?

a. AB

b. Vanguard

c. BlackRock



According to a joint report from Oliver Wyman and Morgan Stanley, M&A activity is up by how much since 2012?

a. 150 percent

b. 125 percent

c. 100 percent

d. 50 percent


In a May webinar featuring Seismic’s Craig Dunham and Brandes Investment Partners’ Ray Lewis, which percentage of attendees said they are more likely to pick a candidate adept at operating technology platforms and analyzing data when filling marketing vacancies?

a. 80 percent

b. 40 percent

c. 60 percent

d. 100 percent


What is the compliance date for SEC Form ADV SMA amendments and investment adviser record-keeping rules?

a. January 1, 2018

b. January 1, 2019

c. April 1, 2018

d. October 1, 2017


According to Forrester’s Wave report, which sales enablement automation system is the space’s clear leader?

a. Savo

b. ClearSlide

c. Seismic

d. Showpad


That last one was a serious gimmie, so how did you fare with the others? Feel free to take a look below, and don’t let your score ruin your August!


Answers: d, b, a, d, b, a, d, d, c

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