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101 Women We Admire in Sales and Marketing

101 Women We Admire in Sales and Marketing

Deirdre Pelrin
Written by Deirdre Pelrin March 8, 2018

Today is International Women’s Day—a day that one of my personal heroes Leslie Knope (heroes can be fictional characters, right?) thinks is the best day of the year. Here’s proof: Image Courtesy of NBC Okay, so Leslie was referring to Galentine’s Day but I’m sure she’d agree that International Women’s Day is equally awesome and important.…

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Seismic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Enablement Automation Platforms, Q3 2018

Doug Winter
Written by Doug Winter September 25, 2018

In December 2016, Forrester published The Forrester Wave™: Sales Enablement Automation Systems, Q4 2016. At the time, our company had around 200 enterprise customers and about as many employees. If a prospective customer of ours even had anyone with the words “sales enablement” in their title, more often than not it was one person trying…

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A No Nonsense Blog About Marketing Enablement

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis April 27, 2018

Alright listen up. It’s time to get real. We’re getting down to business here. This is a no-nonsense blog. We’re talking marketing enablement and strictly marketing enablement. If you start talking about anything else you’re outta here! Let’s keep it clean and marketing enablement-focused. No horsing around, no roughhousing, and absolutely no monkey business whatsoever.…

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Marketing Enablement Q&A Series: A Sales Enablement Perspective

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis April 9, 2018

Matt Cohen is Seismic’s Sales Enablement Manager. He is responsible for ensuring that we follow sales enablement best practices and both our Sales and Marketing teams operate efficiently. We spoke with Matt for our Marketing Enablement blog series. What does marketing enablement mean to you? It’s difficult to define marketing enablement without connecting it to…

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Seismic Platform’s Compliance with the GDPR

Seismic Platform’s Compliance with the GDPR

Marc Romano
Written by Marc Romano May 21, 2018

Beginning on May 25, companies that collect or process data on European Union citizens will be required to comply with new privacy regulations and protections around that data. The new set of rules, called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is designed to strengthen protections around personal data and unify the EU under a consolidated…

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The Stages of Purchasing and Implementing a Sales Enablement Solution

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis March 29, 2018

The decision to purchase and implement a sales enablement platform is not one that should be made lightly. It’s not like you’re buying gum here, you can’t just waltz in and select whatever catches your fancy at that particular moment. Unless you’re the kind of person with very exacting gum standards, then that analogy kind…

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2 Content Management Best Practices

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis March 15, 2018

Content, content, everywhere, nor any to send to prospects. So goes the Rime of the Ancient Seller, or something like that. It’s not hard to see the parallels between the ill-fated mariner in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s epic poem and today’s sellers. The mariner, surrounded on all sides by ocean, laments his inability to drink any…

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