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5 Keys to Win Bigger Deals

5 Keys to Win Bigger Deals

Steve Underwood
Written by Steve Underwood October 3, 2018

Many of us grew up in a time when sales was considered a numbers game. Make more dials, get more sales, right? Fortunately – or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint – that is just not true anymore. In the search for increased sales, profitability, and market differentiation, vendors are scrambling to become solution-oriented. This results…

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forrester wave sales enablement

Seismic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Enablement Automation Platforms, Q3 2018

Doug Winter
Written by Doug Winter September 25, 2018

In December 2016, Forrester published The Forrester Wave™: Sales Enablement Automation Systems, Q4 2016. At the time, our company had around 200 enterprise customers and about as many employees. If a prospective customer of ours even had anyone with the words “sales enablement” in their title, more often than not it was one person trying…

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3 Ways to Prepare your Organization for Content Automation

3 Ways to Prepare your Organization for Content Automation

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis September 18, 2018

A nightmare scenario for a seller goes something like this: they are engaged with a buyer who has a specific set of pain points and needs, the buyer then requests more information that will prove that the seller’s organizations is uniquely capable of solving their needs, however, when the seller goes to look for content…

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product marketing strategy

Product Marketing Strategy is Enhanced by Sales Enablement

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis September 13, 2018

Product marketers are often akin to chefs in the kitchen. They’re going from preparing the vegetables, to checking on the boiling water, to searing the meat, to finishing the side dishes, to finally plating the food. Then they start all over again. This is all to say that product marketers are responsible for a lot…

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smarter selling

Lessons from the Smarter Selling Campaign – Keys to Being a Better Seller, From the Sellers themselves

Matt Lieberson
Written by Matt Lieberson September 11, 2018

With Seismic’s new, truly personalized platform, the Era of the Smarter Seller is here. Our product is chock full of capabilities focused on making the platform as individualized as possible, such as predictive search, personalized content recommendations, and increased data to best engage buyers. Industry leaders such as Nancy Nardin of Smarter Selling Tools, Steven…

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document management system

4 Ways Smart Sales Enablement Solutions Change Marketers Lives

Al Bsharah
Written by Al Bsharah August 28, 2018

Welcome to the second in a series of blog posts that will explore the questions that surround artificial intelligence and machine learning within the space of sales enablement. We all know there’s an overabundance of hype around these topics. When I joined Seismic to tackle intelligent technologies in 2016, it was important that we didn’t…

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