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Top 13 Tools to Automate Proposals

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis November 2, 2018

Tools that automate proposals save organizations countless hours and dollars. Without a tool to automate proposals your organization can miss out on deals. The platforms available today reduce the friction of fulfilling an RFP by providing users with the ability to automate the process, track results, reuse templates, quickly customize a proposal, and collaborate within…

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sales excellence

What is Sales Excellence?

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis October 26, 2018

What is sales excellence? Well, excellence is an amorphous and difficult thing to not only define but also achieve. We could spend years in therapy talking about how to know when you’ve achieved excellence in both your personal and professional life. When will all these feelings of inadequacy and inability to measure up to Bill…

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Why Invest in Sales Enablement?

David Kriss
Written by David Kriss October 22, 2018

I, like many of us, have been inspired by Simon Sinek’s notion of the Golden Circle and the notion that people don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.  It is founded on our human condition of following those people that have shared beliefs. I often think about WHY organizations invest in…

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Channel Enablement Definition – What is Channel Enablement?

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis October 19, 2018

Channel Enablement Definition A channel enablement definition is: utilizing resources to ensure that channel sellers have all the tools they need to be successful—and that the organization can track the success of their efforts— to increase operational efficiency and improve alignment. What is channel enablement exactly? Channel enablement has emerged as a leading concern for…

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5 Keys to Win Bigger Deals

Steve Underwood
Written by Steve Underwood October 3, 2018

Many of us grew up in a time when sales was considered a numbers game. Make more dials, get more sales, right? Fortunately – or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint – that is just not true anymore. In the search for increased sales, profitability, and market differentiation, vendors are scrambling to become solution-oriented. This results…

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forrester wave sales enablement

Seismic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Sales Enablement Automation Platforms, Q3 2018

Doug Winter
Written by Doug Winter September 25, 2018

In December 2016, Forrester published The Forrester Wave™: Sales Enablement Automation Systems, Q4 2016. At the time, our company had around 200 enterprise customers and about as many employees. If a prospective customer of ours even had anyone with the words “sales enablement” in their title, more often than not it was one person trying…

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