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Digital transformation

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Cautionary Tales: Why Some Companies Don’t Survive Market Shifts

Rekha Thomas
Written by Rekha Thomas June 1, 2020

Market conditions are always changing and throughout history, businesses have had to face disruption. Some were able to meet the challenge, survive, and occasionally, thrive. Others were not as fortunate.   Remember Blockbuster, the company that dominated video rentals through the 1990s and early 2000s? A few years later, in 2010, Blockbuster Corporate was filing for…

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How Percolate is Shaping the Future of Content Marketing Platforms

Winston Tubbs
Written by Winston Tubbs April 6, 2020

For the third consecutive year, Percolate has been named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms. This year is especially exciting, as now that we’ve joined forces with Seismic, our vision and capabilities have broadened. For us, this is a testament to Percolate’s continued efforts to innovate and shape the Content…

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Buyer's Journey, Content Analytics, Content Strategy

Bridging the Gap Between Digital Manufacturing and Digital Transformation

Jeannine Croteau
Written by Jeannine Croteau December 11, 2019

The future of the manufacturing industry is bright. Industry 4.0 marks an era in which the majority of industrial manufacturers are building upon their existing infrastructure to become “digitally advanced” by 2020, spending over $900 billion on greater connectivity and smarter factories. However, despite these advances, there are still a number of challenges manufacturers need…

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Uplevel Your Tech Stack in 2020 with Sales Enablement

Jeannine Croteau
Written by Jeannine Croteau November 25, 2019

Are you seeing 20/20 when it comes to aligning your sales and marketing teams in the new year? Whether you’re just beginning your sales enablement journey or looking for a new partner to help tackle your sizable goals, the first step is to identify and address the biggest sales and marketing challenges you and your…

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Hyper-Personalized Customer Engagement: Why Account-Based Selling?

Amanda Wiesemann
Written by Amanda Wiesemann September 18, 2019

According to The State of Enterprise Sales Enablement 2019, 85 percent of sales and marketing leaders agree that buyers will dismiss a seller in the first interaction if they don’t receive tailored information. Companies are moving towards account-based selling to fill this gap by enhancing the buyer experience in a more effective and efficient manner.…

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Technology, Advisor Enablement, Digital transformation, Sales Effectiveness

Competition vs Collaboration – What Drives High-Performing Sales?

Dan Burtan
Written by Dan Burtan August 13, 2019

Competition is in our nature. We compete against other teams or individuals in sports, we compete with siblings for our parents’ attention, we compete with our peers for the best jobs, we compete with coworkers for a raise or promotion. Sales in particular is known for its dog-eat-dog, quota-oriented nature, which serves to basically position…

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Digital transformation, Sales Effectiveness, Sales Enablement