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Top 13 Tools to Automate Proposals

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis November 2, 2018

Tools that automate proposals save organizations countless hours and dollars. Without a tool to automate proposals your organization can miss out on deals. The platforms available today reduce the friction of fulfilling an RFP by providing users with the ability to automate the process, track results, reuse templates, quickly customize a proposal, and collaborate within…

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10 KPIs Every Healthcare Marketer Needs

Shauna Leighton
Written by Shauna Leighton January 22, 2018

Marketing has long been faced with the challenge of measuring their effectiveness. Especially with content. How do you consistently prove value to your organization and your leaders? Are your campaigns even working? What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are most effective? How, and with what, do you measure these KPIs? As a content marketer, I understand…

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who owns sales enablement

Who Owns Sales Enablement?

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis November 20, 2018

Sales enablement has now reached a point in its development that some organizations are starting to build departments strictly geared towards sales enablement, as well as hire people with titles related to sales enablement.  However, many organizations are still in the beginning phases of sales enablement, and there’s one question that is hugely influential on…

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business review

Stop Wasting Time: Make the Most of Your Business Reviews

Shauna Leighton
Written by Shauna Leighton November 28, 2017

For many healthcare and life sciences organizations, the end of the month, quarter, or even year, means the dreaded scramble to prepare for business reviews. This is when Marketing and Sales are left with the tedious task of updating their collateral, Sales results, and pipelines. While business needs and compliance requirements make these tasks priority,…

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account based marketing

An Account Based Marketing Framework

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis March 6, 2017

Account Based Marketing as a strategy is not something that can be undertaken on a whim. It takes a serious level of commitment and strategizing to produce worthwhile results; there are no half-measures when it comes to ABM. But, this strategy is not restricted to particular types of organizations. Any organization can implement Account Based…

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A No Nonsense Blog About Marketing Enablement

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis April 27, 2018

Alright listen up. It’s time to get real. We’re getting down to business here. This is a no-nonsense blog. We’re talking marketing enablement and strictly marketing enablement. If you start talking about anything else you’re outta here! Let’s keep it clean and marketing enablement-focused. No horsing around, no roughhousing, and absolutely no monkey business whatsoever.…

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