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Why being a CMO is better than being a CEO

Why being a CMO is better than being a CEO

John Raguin
Written by John Raguin April 11, 2019

I always find it amusing when I read about the gloom-and-doom over the Chief Marketing Officer role being the “most precarious position in the C-suite.” The struggles behind how to attribute credit to marketing, high rates of turnover in the position, and difficulty creating proper expectations lead to the belief that being a CMO is a shaky ground to stand…

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7 Sales Enablement Training Opportunities / Events You Won’t Want to Miss

7 Sales Enablement Training Opportunities / Events You Won’t Want to Miss

Jess Cody
Written by Jess Cody March 29, 2019

Sales enablement is a popular topic this year and rightfully so. Organizations that have implemented a sales enablement solution have seen a 350% increase in content usage, 275% boost in conversions and 65% more revenue generated by new reps. Sales enablement also solves major sales and marketing challenges around content creation, marketing and sales alignment,…

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fee compression asset management

How Asset Managers Can Win the Fee Compression Fight

Alyssa Drury
Written by Alyssa Drury February 25, 2019

Around the world, institutional asset managers face significant headwinds from smaller, lower-cost firms. As a result, they’re being forced to make a difficult decision: reduce their fees or stand their ground, relying on their track record of performance to justify their cost. Of course, in an environment where active fund managers haven’t always been able…

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who owns sales enablement

Who Owns Sales Enablement?

Matt Ellis
Written by Matt Ellis November 20, 2018

Sales enablement has now reached a point in its development that some organizations are starting to build departments strictly geared towards sales enablement, as well as hire people with titles related to sales enablement.  However, many organizations are still in the beginning phases of sales enablement, and there’s one question that is hugely influential on…

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Rethinking Asset Management’s Approach to Sales

Alessandra Fagone
Written by Alessandra Fagone October 29, 2018

Money Management Institute, the leading voice for global financial services organizations, held its annual conference earlier this month in Dallas, Texas. Attended by scores of financial services professionals from across the country, the conference’s focus was on how the industry can transform the client experience to deliver better outcomes, create competitive differentiation, and propel growth.…

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