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Three Top Enablement Tips From Professionals In The Field – #LifeInEnablement

Matt Lieberson
Written by Matt Lieberson April 8, 2020

As the enablement profession grows, the opportunities for roles in enablement continue to become more prominent. LinkedIn has almost 7,000 enablement-focused job titles currently open, for job-seekers looking for a change And as Rachel Auer, Product Marketing Manager from Calabrio points out, “[Even if] you are not in currently in enablement, a lot of skills…

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How Percolate is Shaping the Future of Content Marketing Platforms

Winston Tubbs
Written by Winston Tubbs April 6, 2020

For the third consecutive year, Percolate has been named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms. This year is especially exciting, as now that we’ve joined forces with Seismic, our vision and capabilities have broadened. For us, this is a testament to Percolate’s continued efforts to innovate and shape the Content…

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Seismic and Percolate: Delivering Content with Purpose

Doug Winter
Written by Doug Winter November 5, 2019

Delivering personalized, compelling content at every customer touchpoint has become essential. 85% of sales and marketers now agree that buyers will actively dismiss their marketing and sales efforts if they don’t receive tailored content. When also considering the fact that the buyer’s journey is more complex than ever before, the challenge before sellers and marketers…

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Tough Times for Manufacturers – Go to Market Faster with Sales Enablement

Seth Werlinsky
Written by Seth Werlinsky October 8, 2019

Last week, the S&P and Dow suffered their worst losses in over a month, primarily driven by data that showed manufacturing activity had contracted to its lowest point in over 10 years.  And while it is no secret that manufacturing has been facing challenges for some time, it still remains a critically important component of…

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5 Strategies to Drive Sales Productivity

Dan Burtan
Written by Dan Burtan September 3, 2019

Almost every company struggles with sales productivity, and this problem is only exacerbated by the rising pressure to meet or exceed increasing revenue targets. Organizations are growing their sales teams and chasing more aggressive sales goals, but they aren’t scaling their processes, best practices, and sales tools at the same rate. As a result, productivity…

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The Future of Sales Enablement is Personalization: New Forrester Study

Matt Lieberson
Written by Matt Lieberson July 25, 2019

Sales enablement is having a moment. LinkedIn has almost 9000 open sales enablement positions across the United States alone. So, it is high time to delve into what sales enablement really looks like in 2019. Seismic commissioned Forrester Consulting on a July 2019 study[1] reporting on the present and future of enablement, surveying nearly 400…

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8 Reasons Your Sales Reps are Losing Deals

Dan Burtan
Written by Dan Burtan July 23, 2019

Buyers have taken control of the modern sales cycle, and successful salespeople today know they need to act like trusted advisors with prospects to simplify their decision-making process, understand their needs and behavior, and deliver immediate value, otherwise they will lose the deal. Great sales managers and sales reps won’t just accept that a deal…

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