Citrix boosts sales efficiency with personalized content in Salesforce

It’s not uncommon for sales professionals to get bogged down with tasks that take them away from doing what they do best: generating revenue. According to a recent study by Salesforce, sellers only spend a little over a third of their time selling. Administrative work and daily tasks add up fast, leaving sellers with little time to perform their core function—time that sellers can’t afford to lose. 

Having to search for the right content to share with buyers contributes to decreased seller productivity and detracts from sales activities. As organizations produce content at a higher rate, connecting sellers with the content they need to engage leads becomes a sales enablement challenge.

To be successful in today’s market, sellers need easy access and the ability to personalize content so that it aligns with the buyer’s journey. Deloitte considers personalization a key element in the B2B sales cycle. It’s no surprise that more than 70% of business buyers expect vendors to tailor the buying experience to their needs. When sellers can’t easily customize content, they end up spending hours building customer-facing materials that may or may not be on-brand—a lose-lose for both the seller and the sales enablement team. 

Citrix, a leading software company, partnered with Seismic to better align content to the buyer’s journey, and to improve seller productivity.

Surfacing content in a digestible way

Like many organizations, Citrix needed a better way to make content discoverable for its 2,000 sellers and over 200,000 resellers across the globe. After a thorough evaluation process spanning multiple sales enablement vendors, Citrix chose Seismic because of its superior content governance functionality. To create impactful experiences that drive revenue, Citrix integrates Seismic with a number of its sales and marketing technologies, including Salesforce. This enables Citrix to surface content directly in the CRM. Instead of requiring teams to toggle between multiple tools, Seismic meets sellers where they are working, creating efficiencies, and simplifying daily workflows. By integrating Salesforce with Seismic, Citrix increases sales velocity and content effectiveness. 

Here’s how Citrix accomplished its goals. 

Predictive content helps sellers focus on solutions

Known internally at Citrix as SalesIQ Coach, Seismic delivers predictive content in Salesforce tailored for each opportunity based on product, sales play, and stage fields in the opportunity record. To give sellers context, content is categorized with Present This, Share This, and Learn This headings. These categories remove the guesswork for sellers and allow them to focus on solution selling. As a result, Citrix sellers are consistent in their sales positioning and approach buyers with tried and true content. “We really, really love our Salesforce integration, and we drive a lot of best practices through this app,” said Nicole Ward, Citrix’s Director of Worldwide Sales Enablement.

Seller collaboration and tailored content

Citrix’s Salesforce integration helps sellers easily work together on opportunities. Sellers can share their recommendations to help other team members identify the most effective resources that drive engagement to the next sales stage. Citrix uses Seismic’s LiveDocs feature to automate the creation of personalized, customer-facing content, making it fast and easy for sellers to collaborate, edit, and share tailored content for an opportunity. LiveDocs also helps sellers personalize materials in a way that is on-brand, which improves consistency and reduces the likelihood of rogue materials being shared with customers. “Sellers can share content, edit and collaborate on an opportunity, and then LiveSend content with customers without ever leaving Salesforce,” said Ward. “Reps love that it’s automatically driving content in their activity record and saving things that they’ve shared.” 

Teams also leverage LiveDocs to create routine discovery agreements. What used to take a couple of hours is now done in minutes by automatically pulling in data fields from Salesforce. Teams can review and make any minor adjustments before sharing with a customer. 

More impactful customer messaging

Personalization, a valuable part of a buyer’s experience, is no longer just a nice-to-have attribute. It’s expected from customers and is becoming an essential competitive advantage. Buyers want content tailored to their needs and Citrix uses Seismic to accomplish this at scale, all while maintaining professionalism and brand standards. 

“Sellers tell us regularly that leveraging Seismic improves their ramp time,” said Ward. “It helps them get the content they need faster. It’s easier for them to customize. So that certainly validates the investment.” 

To learn more about how to increase seller productivity and content effectiveness, read Citrix’s customer story

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Kristen Long
Kristen Long
Senior Manager of Marketing Programs, Seismic
Kristen is the Senior Manager of Marketing Programs at Seismic where she is responsible for ensuring cross-team alignment to ensure that Product Marketing programs and strategy are executed effectively. She also oversees case study and go to market programs. With more than 9 years of marketing experience, Kristen is passionate about ensuring customers achieve success with the Seismic product through education and examples.