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At every company, success comes down to the people — each company has internal product experts, a customer point-person, or market specialist. Teams rely on collaboration between these resources to provide unique insights to help deal cycles progress.  According to the Aberdeen Group:

“Companies that optimize the marketing/sales relationship grow revenue 32% faster year-over-year, compared to those without such a relationship.”

The Aberdeen Group
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Working remotely can make collaboration difficult, 4 Challenges of Working Remotely in Sales highlights a few: disconnects: longer response times, lack of training and distrust of management.

Collaboration for Remote Teams

Your team needs an easy online collaboration and sharing tool to combat the challenges of working remotely. Both to avoid isolation of employees and to channel your teams’ collective knowledge and experience.

“Sales teams should be collaborative. No one salesperson can marshal the information, contacts, and insights that a coordinated team can. No one knows as much about your company, competition, and prospects as everyone put together.”

INC.COM Client

Share insights and feedback with your team in a real-time comments thread, and tag specific team members with tasks or questions to trigger automatic notifications. Use robust annotation tools to review or markup static documents as well as live audio and video content – including demo videos and recorded pitches.

“I really like WorkSpace. I had a team meeting recently and everyone had to present something. We saved all of the presentations in WorkSpace so they were all in one place and accessible. We presented directly from the WorkSpace folder…just a click…and a click…and then you are off and running. This makes meetings much more efficient and enjoyable.”

Multinational Biotechnology Client

People are working remotely, but they still need to work together. Being able to collaborate on content creation and share files using WorkSpace is essential. Learn how you can enable your remote team to collaborate with Seismic’s workspace:

Combat The Challenges Of Working Remotely