Content + CRM: increased seller productivity without leaving Salesforce

For even the most seasoned go-to-market (GTM) teams, producing and delivering timely, personalized content can be a challenge. Marketing teams rely on data to understand which content is most effective, while sellers need to discover and deliver personalized content, quickly. And all this has to happen while considering the most critical link in this triangle: your audience.

Having a clear understanding of your audience is more important than ever. When sellers know who they’re engaging, as well as their stage in the buying process, they can deliver more impactful content experiences. With the right tools to discover and personalize content, sellers can spend less time searching for content and more time selling. 

Many organizations have invested in customer relationship management (CRM) systems such as Salesforce. Integrating with a sales enablement solution can help drive CRM adoption while improving seller productivity and increasing sales velocity.

It starts with understanding your audience

Your customers and prospects get flooded with content on a daily basis. From their inboxes to social media channels, there’s a host of generic—or sometimes—irrelevant content to scroll through. In the LinkedIn State of Sales Report 2020, buyers expressed that they were 56% more likely to consider a brand when a sales rep demonstrates a clear understanding of their business needs, while an additional 41% noted that they were more likely to consider brands that provide personalized communication. 

Giving your sellers the right tools can help them deliver data-driven and personalized content experiences. Integrating a sales enablement tool with your organization’s CRM makes it easier to identify and share tailored content that can accelerate the buyer’s journey.  

Seismic and Salesforce deliver personalization at scale

In organizations with content marketing programs, up to 80 percent of marketing content goes unused by sellers. Without an effective sales enablement tool, your sellers could be overlooking content that would attract a new lead. Over the last 7 years, Seismic and Salesforce have developed a strategic partnership to help sellers discover, collaborate on, and personalize content—all from the familiar environment of their CRM 

The Seismic and Salesforce integration helps sellers boost productivity by streamlining the content discovery process. Sellers who use a sales enablement solution like Seismic in Salesforce gain productivity by managing content and opportunities all within the same environment. The integration enables predictive content which uses data-driven by persona, product, and buyer stage to recommend the right content at the right time. With less time spent identifying the best content for an opportunity, sellers can gain up to 35% more time to focus on selling.

Sales enablement integrations increase CRM adoption

An investment in a CRM doesn’t guarantee seller adoption. Across industries, roughly 73 percent of sales professionals adopt their organization’s CRM. Since CRM adoption has a direct correlation to sales team performance, encouraging CRM adoption is critical to your business’ return on investment (ROI). 

Integrating a sales enablement solution with your CRM can help encourage uptake. Adding a sales enablement integration has proven to increase the number of leads in the pipeline, in addition to facilitating a more collaborative culture within sales teams. For instance, Seismic WorkSpaces give sellers the contextual resources they need to collaborate on an opportunity. This is particularly useful when multiple team members are delivering a pitch and need to contribute or approve content before it’s delivered. Robust sales enablement integrations are also able to use predictive analytics to save sellers time and build content efficiency by recommending the next-best content based on insights from previous opportunities.

Drive greater sales velocity with Seismic and Salesforce

In today’s market, efficiency and effectiveness are critical to driving sales velocity. Simple details like personalization can make a difference to prospects who are inundated with content. And with the resources to identify top-performing content and scale best practices, your sales and marketing team are best equipped to operationalize GTM strategy with greater efficiency. The Seismic in Salesforce integration offers your sales team a resource to unlock intelligent content experiences so that they can focus their time on building relationships and selling solutions. 

If you’re ready to explore how Seismic and Salesforce can drive greater sales productivity, explore the Seismic + Salesforce integration page, and request a demo.

Preseetha Pettigrew
Preseetha Pettigrew
VP of Strategic Alliances, Seismic
Preseetha is the Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Seismic where she is responsible for driving the global partner strategy. She brings more than a decade of experience in defining and delivering successful alliances programs to accelerate revenue growth for technology companies. Preseetha has held partner leadership roles at organizations which include IBM and Oracle Eloqua.