Content Distribution: Helping or Hurting Sales?

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Your company likely has an abundance of content: sales collateral, presentations, branded forms and templates, and more. Ideally this content is available and accessible to all members of your organization, or at least your team. But what happens when new content is added, old collateral is replaced with new, or rebranding is necessary? Once updates are made to content—whether it be logo changes, data updates, or simply enhancing collateral—how do you distribute this content? It is likely that your organization accesses your collateral through a file sharing system, and then users download documents to their own computer to share with customers or prospects. But in this process, there is no way to know who is using what version, or how many outdated versions are floating around. In order to maintain brand and message consistency, your organization needs to find a way to ensure only the most updated collateral is shared externally.

In order to assess this situation, there are a number of questions you should ask your teams and executives:

  • Do your sales and marketing teams have a single universal, consolidated, sharing solution that is used to distribute content?

  • Is there a way to make sure all content accessed and distributed is the most up-to-date?

  • Does your organization have a way to track the usage of content, to ensure the right versions are being sent and shared?

  • Is there a formal process to communicate new or updated content?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it may be time to revisit your marketing content strategy, especially in the context of distribution. Sales reps who have easy access to meaningful content will have more valuable conversations with prospective customers, and that will benefit the entire organization. Addressing your company’s processes of updating and distributing content is a great place to start when thinking about a more streamlined, efficient content strategy.

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