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Many of us feel uneasy right now. I know I do. No one knows for sure how much wider COVID-19 will spread, how great an impact it will have on people or our economy, or when we will come out on the other side. As someone who is used to solving problems and having answers, the feeling of this much uncertainty is uncomfortable.

It could be easy and tempting at a time like this to ruminate on the news and the many things we can’t control. But in my view, it’s best for us instead to focus on what we can control.

Here are just a few things we are doing at Seismic as we move forward.

Seismic Community

Our top priorities at Seismic right now are keeping our employees safe and supporting our customers. 

Like many other companies around the world, and under the guidance of the CDC, WHO and local governments, we have instructed our employees to work from home. We have canceled all travel, both domestically and abroad. And, we are encouraging our employees to take all other recommended precautions to keep themselves and their families safe.

Given what’s happening in the world today, I’m very grateful for the many communication tools allowing us to stay connected with our families, teams, and customers. 

I’d like to encourage everyone to make an extra effort to engage with one another during this period. Texting or calling loved ones and old friends more frequently, using video during conference calls with family, friends, teammates, customers and partners, and using instant messaging more often, all make a difference.

Supporting our Customers  

I especially want our customers to know we are here for you. 

Our services are built on cloud infrastructure and are geo-redundant to ensure high availability. 

We also have the industry’s largest, most experienced, and most committed customer success team. Our team members are working from home during this period and the team is geographically dispersed to ensure continuous service.   

And finally, we have a business continuity plan in place. For more information, please visit at 

What’s Next?

Tough times reveal a lot about a business. The obstacles Seismic, and other businesses, face in the coming weeks will bring us closer together. It may also show us areas where we can improve, in which case we’ll move quickly to address. 

In the meantime, my thoughts are with everyone impacted by COVID-19. Many aspects of our community will be hit hard over the next few weeks or months, especially public school systems that are closing for a period of time. Given this, Seismic is donating $10,000 to schools in major office locations to help fill the gap. I encourage everyone to do what they can to be a positive influence on colleagues, friends, family, and in your community as well.

For the latest information on how Seismic is responding to COVID-19, please refer to this blog post, which will be updated as needed, and

Doug Winter, CEO and Cofounder, Seismic

Doug Winter
Doug Winter
Doug Winter is the co-founder and CEO of Seismic. Doug also co-founded Objectiva Software Solutions. Doug served as Chief Operations Officer and general manager at EMC Document Sciences until founding Seismic in 2010. In 2019, Doug was named one of the 10 Best CEOs of Small/Mid-Size Companies in the U.S. by Comparably.