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#CustomerSuccessWeek Spotlight: Celebrating the Individuals Dedicated to our Customer’s Success

It is officially Customer Service week and Seismic is celebrating those individuals who are committed to our customer’s success. At Seismic, providing our customers with superior service is a top priority which is why we have over 180 members on our Customer Success team dedicated to providing ongoing strategic guidance and support.

Who better to celebrate those individuals than our customers? Seismic asked some of our top customers to answer questions on their Customer Success team and why they deserve some appreciation this week. Throughout the week, we will be featuring a customer and Seismic Customer Success team duo.

Today’s feature is Tonya Goforth, Director, Sales Enablement at Alorica. Alorica is a leading provider of Business Process and Customer Satisfaction Outsourcing solutions that span the entire customer lifecycle. They have over 100,000 employees worldwide and serve a diverse group of clients including communications, financial services, healthcare, retail and tech companies. Check out what Tonya has to say about her awesome Customer Success Manager, Hayley:

How long have you been working with Seismic?

Alorica initially began working with SAVO in 2018 and then we converted to Seismic in March 2019.

What are the main ways that Seismic adds value to your organization?

For us, Seismic provides:

  • Smarter search/gained efficiency
  • Salesforce Predictive Content, a tool that provides sellers content recommendations for each unique opportunity right within Salesforce.
  • Consistency of messaging between marketing and sales
  • Quality of creative materials and value prop to clients
  • Scalability as we build up our portfolio of products
  • Targeted content—80% is client-ready, 20% is tailored by Sales/CS
  • Visibility of engagement and value
  • Measurements that help drive behaviors

Who on Seismic’s Customer Success team do you work closely with?

We work with Hayley Kennel, Customer Success Manager, and she is awesome!

What is your favorite part about working with your Seismic Customer Success team?

My favorite part about working with Hayley is that she is always looking for ways for us to improve and she collaborates with us to make it happen.

How does your Customer Success team go above and beyond for your organization?

Hayley is always responsive and super helpful when we have questions or need more information…even if it’s already answered in the Seismic Community. 

What are the 3 words you would use to describe your experience with your Seismic Customer Success team?

  • Partner
  • Caring
  • Thoughtful

What are some best practices you can share on fostering a great relationship with your Customer Success Manager? 

We have a weekly call scheduled to check-in and go over any updates, changes, or needs. And we also make time to chat and become familiar with each other on an individual level.

What is one thing you’ve learned about sales enablement/content management from the Seismic team?

New ways to engage Sellers and to show value.

What is your Customer Success Manager’s spirit animal?

A dolphin…smart, friendly, and caring. 😊