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It is officially Customer Service week and Seismic is celebrating those individuals who are committed to our customer’s success. At Seismic, providing our customers with superior service is a top priority which is why we have over 180 members on our Customer Success team dedicated to providing ongoing strategic guidance and support.

Who better to celebrate those individuals than our customers? Seismic asked some of our top customers to answer questions on their Customer Success team and why they deserve some appreciation this week. Throughout the week, we will be featuring a customer and Seismic Customer Success team duo. Check out Volume 1 of this blog series here.

Today’s feature is William Branch, Technical Document Controller at Glory. Employing over 10,000 professionals worldwide with dedicated R&D and manufacturing facilities across the world, Glory is built on a rich customer-focused, technology-driven heritage spanning almost a hundred years. Glory and Seismic recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their partnership. William’s team at Glory has been working with Seismic for 2 years to enable their services team to access the most relevant content while they are on the field with customers. Check out how what William had to say about working with his Customer Success Manager, Ana Ramos:

How long have you been working with Seismic?

We launched Seismic 2 years ago in December.

What are the main ways that Seismic adds value to your organization?

  • Drastically cuts down the time to find up-to-date documentation.
  • Provides a great centralized location to keep all documentation.
  • Enables our team to restrict access to documentation to only those who are authorized.

Who on Seismic’s Customer Success team do you work closely with?

Ana Ramos, Senior Customer Success Manager, has been our main contact.

What is your favorite part about working with your Seismic Customer Success team?

Getting answers to most questions right away, or at least getting the appropriate personnel involved who can provide our team with answers.

How does your Customer Success team go above and beyond for your organization?

There have been numerous times when Ms. Ramos would open support requests on our behalf, especially when we had a difficult time explaining the inquiry we were dealing with.

What are the 3 words you would use to describe your experience with your Seismic Customer Success team?

  • Professional
  • Accessible
  • Valuable

What are some best practices you can share on fostering a great relationship with your Customer Success Manager? 

Having mutual respect and keeping an open-mindedness to change are key to fostering a great relationship with anyone.

What is one thing you’ve learned about sales enablement/content management from the Seismic team?

I have learned that you can’t just think of content as a static thing that gets placed into a repository for other people to find. With Seismic, we are much more aware that documents need to be refined, updated, and sometimes discarded in order to keep our entire content management process smooth and scalable.

What is your Customer Success Manager’s spirit animal?

Ana’s spirit animal must be a fox. A fox animal guide can get you out of any obstacle or situation. She is very useful when needing clarity about how to reach the target audience.