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It is officially Customer Service week and Seismic is celebrating those individuals who are committed to our customer’s success. At Seismic, providing our customers with superior service is a top priority which is why we have over 180 members on our Customer Success team dedicated to providing ongoing strategic guidance and support.

Who better to celebrate those individuals than our customers? Seismic asked some of our top customers to answer questions on their Customer Success team and why they deserve some appreciation this week. Throughout the week, we will be featuring a customer and Seismic Customer Success team duo. Check out Volume 2 of this blog series here.

Today’s feature is Tom Gruszka, Strategic Business Lead, Retail at Franklin Templeton. Franklin Templeton is a global investment firm who provides global and domestic investment management to retail, institutional and sovereign wealth clients in over 170 countries. Franklin Templeton has been working with Seismic for 3+ years. Check out what Tom has to say about his awesome Customer Success team:

How long have you been working with Seismic?

I’ve been working with Seismic since the early proof of concept – so almost 3 years now.

What are the main ways that Seismic adds value to your organization?

I think the 3 big wins that we get out of using Seismic are:

  1. Fully editable outputs of LiveDocs®, Seismic’s dynamic content automation and personalization technology.
  2. Great analytics and insights tracking usage and client consumption of our content
  3. Ease of integration with other systems – such as MS Dynamics CRM

Who on Seismic’s Customer Success team do you work closely with?

We have a whole team that is there to help us and provide guidance:

  • Liz Gibbons, Manager, Solution Consulting
  • Lauryn Babish, Solutions Consultant
  • Ian White, Senior Solutions Consultant
  • Cassie Cesaro, Implementation Engineer II
  • Will Nikula, Sr. Solutions Architect
  • Mark Swain, Sr. Manager, Customer Success
  • Sam Lorio, Sr. Director, Customer Success

What is your favorite part about working with your Seismic Customer Success team?

I think there are couple of things that make the whole experience of working with the Seismic CS team very enjoyable. Firstly, they respond quickly and are flexible when it comes to ad-hoc meetings. Secondly, I find their great knowledge of both the system and our needs very helpful during constant shifts of priorities and requirements.

How does your Customer Success team go above and beyond for your organization?

I do admire their persistence of re-thinking solutions that were already built based on new features that become available through Seismic’s ongoing updates.

What are the 3 words you would use to describe your experience with your Seismic Customer Success team?

  • Knowledgeable
  • Agile
  • Persistent

What are some best practices you can share on fostering a great relationship with your Customer Success Manager? 

I think the key is the exposure he has to the company’s needs and challenges. Attending various workshops with end users allows CSM to propose better tailored solutions to our custom circumstance and needs.

What is one thing you’ve learned about sales enablement/content management from the Seismic team?

Keeping content as few click away from the users as possible. That’s what our CS team has been repeating to us like a mantra.

What is your Customer Success Manager’s spirit animal?

A chameleon, as Mark quickly adjusts to any discussion we pull him into…