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It is officially Customer Service week and Seismic is celebrating those individuals who are committed to our customer’s success. At Seismic, providing our customers with superior service is a top priority which is why we have over 180 members on our Customer Success team dedicated to providing ongoing strategic guidance and support.

Who better to celebrate those individuals than our customers? Seismic asked some of our top customers to answer questions on their Customer Success team and why they deserve some appreciation this week. Throughout the week, we will be featuring a customer and Seismic Customer Success team duo. Check out Volume 3 of this blog series here.

Today’s feature is Frédéric Durand, Sales Enablement Leader at Canon Europe. Canon is a world-leading innovator and provider of imaging solutions who employ over 25,000 people in approximately 120 markets throughout the region. Canon Europe has been working with Seismic for more than 3 years. Read more about Frédéric’s experience with Seismic’s Customer Success team: 

How long have you been working with Seismic?

I’ve been working with Seismic since 2016.

What are the main ways that Seismic adds value to your organization?

Seismic supports our sales organization by providing our sellers the most relevant content based on their Salesforce opportunity and the ability to create highly customized proposals and presentations for every customer conversation. In addition, it drives efficiencies for our Marketing organization by assisting in deploying content in 30+ languages and monitoring the usage in 25+ regions.

Who on Seismic’s Customer Success team do you work closely with?

Ana Ramos, Senior Customer Success Manager.

What is your favorite part about working with your Seismic Customer Success team?

On top of assisting us with all platform related topics, the team helps us adapt our sales enablement strategy with an external point of view.

How does your Customer Success team go above and beyond for your organization?

By sharing their knowledge with my team including their knowledge on the sales enablement market and strategies and knowledge on their platform/organization. Then they apply that knowledge to our organization’s needs.

What are some adjectives you would use to describe your experience with your Seismic Customer Success team?

Collaboration and transparency

What are some best practices you can share on fostering a great relationship with your Customer Success Manager? 

Scheduling weekly meetings with your CSM to share and work through plans and concerns.

What is one thing you’ve learned about sales enablement/content management from the Seismic team?

Everything! 😊 Before Seismic I didn’t know anything about sales enablement; I was simply delivering sales-oriented marketing. I’m very grateful to be able to partner with the Seismic team as we continue to learn and grow into sales enablement.