Digital Shift Day Two: Seismic product roadmap

Yesterday, on Day 1 of Seismic Digital Shift, acceleration was the topic of discussion. Keynotes and customer sessions detailed how 2020 wasn’t an aberration—that the acceleration and adoption of digital sales processes are here to stay. 

The transformation that accelerated in 2020 was always on the horizon. Businesses anticipated a three-to-five-year journey toward a future influenced by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). This future felt distant when companies initially transitioned to digital-first sales motions—what a difference a year makes! 

Today, on Day 2 of Digital Shift, Seismic Chief Product Officer Krish Mantripragada shared the company’s vision for the future and unveiled a product roadmap that will empower go-to-market (GTM) teams to capture every revenue moment across every digital channel. 

A vision for better buyer engagement and  AI-guided selling

As he spoke from a camera in his home office, Mantripragada noted that “This might just be the new normal. B2B selling has always been about building trusted relationships with your buyers, now it’s gone digital.” And the research bears it out. He reiterated McKinsey’s findings that 75 percent of buyers prefer to continue with digital interactions moving forward, while 97 percent of buyers are willing to spend up to $50,000 in virtual environments, and another 15 percent are willing to spend up to $1,000,000 without face-to-face interaction. 

Customers’ rapid acceptance and adoption of digital-first selling is transforming the buyer’s journey. As buyers increasingly opt to engage across multiple digital channels, including email, social media, review sites, and more—Mantripragada noted that “every one of these interactions is a revenue-generating moment.” To meet buyer needs at every stage of the journey, sellers need the tools to share the right content in context, at the right time. Mantripragada highlighted several of the capabilities available or soon to be available in the Seismic platform that empower sellers to engage effectively with every buyer on their terms:

  • Interactive Content – Create beautiful interactive, highly engaging content, to equip buyers for immersive experiences
  • Engagement Center – A single location to manage all buyer and seller interactions over time and where buyers can bookmark and revisit content
  • Email Blast – Tools that enable sellers to nurture contacts while giving marketing full control to manage the latest, brand-compliant content. 
  • LiveSend Experiences – A two-way microsite experience that enables collaboration between sellers and buyers for a richer level of interaction.
  • LiveSocial – Seismic’s social selling platform (from the Grapevine6 acquisition) that enables sellers to share authentic content to social channels from a live feed of marketing-curated content based on seller interests, activities, and profile will be extended to email and SMS over a couple of quarters.
  • Dynamic Email Templates enable sellers to be more productive through LiveDocs technology that personalizes emails at scale
  • Global Privacy Management demonstrates Seismic’s commitment to delivering enhanced compliance solutions to ensure adherence to all privacy and security regulations around the world. 

Yesterday, when asked where sales enablement is headed, Nintex Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Dustin Grosse envisioned a future with digital assistants that enable sales teams to be smarter and learn faster. And in a move to make that future a reality Mantripragada today announced Seismic Aura, Seismic’s own AI technology. Seismic Aura blends human learning and machine learning (ML) to make every interaction smarter. Mantripragada noted that “humans can analyze only so much. Buried inside data are patterns, behavior, and insights that will hold keys to your questions and undiscovered opportunities. We are combining human intelligence and machine intelligence to harness the power of this data.”

Seismic Aura is purpose-built to make predictions that work at scale, while respecting all privacy and compliance requirements. The AI-driven technology enables smarter sales plays directly in customer relationship management (CRM) environments, starting with Salesforce and later with Microsoft Dynamics. 

Specific applications of Seismic Aura that Mantripragada highlighted include:

  • CRM SmartPlays use predictive intelligence to recommend the most effective sales plays at the right time
  • Seismic SideKick is an omnipresent Google Chrome extension, powered by Seismic Aura to captures contextual information and make intelligent recommendations regarding the best content to share with an opportunity. Continuous learning improves recommendations over time, based on what does and doesn’t work in buyer engagements

CEOs weigh in on GTM resilience and growth

Seismic co-founder and CEO Doug Winter hosted a keynote discussion with three executives whose companies champion enablement. Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta, Outreach CEO Manny Medina, and Oxygen Exp CEO and Sales Enablement Society founding and executive board member Juliana Stancampiano discussed the importance of breaking down silos and creating an end-to-end experience that drives alignment from marketing and enablement all the way through to sales and customer success. Doing so, they noted, ensures that customers have a consistent experience during every touchpoint with each business function. 

Each of the CEOs also discussed how the movement for social justice created an opportunity for open and honest dialogues about race and gender, as well as challenges such as imposter syndrome in the workplace. 

Partners on Seismic

Seismic’s partners play an important role in driving value for our shared customers. Their technology, support, and services extend the benefits of the Seismic platform and empower go-to-market teams to deliver greater buying experiences. Several Seismic partners led on-demand breakout sessions at Digital Shift.

Gong shares five data-driven tips to increase win rates

Should I turn my camera on for all customer engagements? Should I ask a buyer if they need more time? When should I ask for a meeting? Seismic partner Gong’s platform automatically captures all sales interactions–from emails to calls and web conferencing meetings–and analyzes how buyer and seller behaviors and trends impact results. In this riveting breakout session, Gong Head of Content Strategy Devin Reed shares the company’s five best data-backed insights from 2020. 

LeapPoint ConnectedWorkTM drives greater outcomes

Seismic partner LeapPoint’s CEO Nicholas DeBenedetto and Managing Director Janelle Nash delivered a breakout session where they discussed the challenges organizations face when sales and marketing are misaligned. They embraced the importance of setting shared goals, as well as five key steps companies can take to build stronger sales and marketing alignment.

Lessonly helps sellers do better work 

Lessonly co-founder and CEO Max Yoder led a breakout session that detailed the company’s two-year partnership with Seismic. He conveyed the importance of Lessonly’s integration with the Seismic platform which enables sellers to learn what matters, why it matters, and train on how to do it. The Lessonly and Seismic partnership is strategically designed to support better engagement—by training sellers on content and how to share it, sellers become well-positioned to share it with the right buyer at the right time, and in the right way. 

Outreach helps sellers build greater mindshare

In the digital environment, sellers have to work harder than ever to meet with customers and prospects. With competitors jockeying to understand your customer needs, building mindshare among customers and prospects is critical to driving new business opportunities. Outreach Vice President of Sales David Rubenstein shares how the Outreach platform empowers representatives in the Financial Services industry to increase their level of engagement. The platform offers intelligent actions that show sales reps where to focus and how to engage prospects with next-best actions, making buyer experiences more effective.

Thank you, Digital Shift attendees!

A special thanks to everyone from customers and partners to industry leaders who joined us during Digital Shift. We look forward to continuing to work together over the course of the year. If you couldn’t join us or if you have sessions that you’d like to view, on-demand content will be made available on the Digital Shift platform. 

You can also continue the journey with us next week as we spotlight the Seismic Digital Shift Awards recipients and their stories on the Seismic Blog

Tony Smith
Tony Smith
Sr. Content Strategist
Tony Smith is a Senior Content Strategist at Seismic where he creates blog and thought leadership content. He has 12 years of experience as a marketing and communications professional, and is passionate about using storytelling to help customers solve their business challenges.