Digital Transformation Comes for the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is enormous and amorphous. It’s difficult to find a one-size fits all definition to encapsulate the industry. Manufacturing can consist of creating some of the largest machines in the world, or some of the tiniest. However, most manufacturing organizations will run into similar problems, and how those problems are solved can often have great overlap.

For instance, sales enablement is quickly transforming the way that manufacturing organization’s tackle the problems that their Marketing and Sales teams are facing. One of the biggest topics catching fire in the industry right now is digital transformation. Here are a few key reasons why digital transformation is a key priority in the manufacturing industry:

  • Personalized Buyer Experiences: technology and data allow distributors and manufacturers to deliver a more personalized experience.
  • Increased Global Competition: to stand out, manufacturers must establish credibility and differentiated value for existing and potential customers.
  • Strategic Growth: Significant growth in product offerings and acquisitions makes it necessary for sellers to have easy access to new messaging.

These are only a few of the reasons digital transformation is reshaping the industry landscape, but they illustrate why it remains a top priority.

Sales enablement is one of the key ways in which any organization within any industry can quickly unlock the benefits of digital transformation. Sales enablement gives manufacturing organizations a leg-up in particular by giving sellers more face-to-face time with buyers, improving productivity & effectiveness, and generating more ROI and pipeline.

BusinessOnline reports that 61% of manufacturers list proving ROI of marketing activities as a challenge. Sales enablement platforms unlock previously hidden insights into content’s effectiveness and ROI. Furthermore, organizations are seeing runaway success with sales enablement in general. Organizations that have implemented a sales enablement solution have seen a 350% increase in content usage, 275% boost in conversions, and 65% more revenue generated by new reps. Additionally, Aberdeen has found that organizations with a sales enablement platform experience a 13.7% annual increase in deal size.

If you’re interested in learning more about how manufacturing organizations are benefiting from sales enablement, watch our on-demand webinar. Matt Cohen, Sales & Marketing Enablement Manager, Seismic, and Victoria Bunch, Customer Success Manager, Seismic provide real-world use cases of sales enablement within the manufacturing industry.

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