How 3 customers use analytics to raise content effectiveness

The ability to create differentiated experiences for buyers is one of the most important factors in getting enablement right. Buyers are more informed than ever and they expect sellers to act as trusted, insightful guides who help them navigate their buyer journey. Sellers who create timely, relevant, and personalized content experiences ultimately build stronger relationships and win more business because they understand the needs of their buyers. 

Content analytics give sellers a window into the content that works, as well as how to improve buyer engagement. Usage and performance data help sales and enablement leadership understand how content influences opportunities and, ultimately, win new business. These insights help organizations ensure that they deliver the most impactful experiences to every buyer.

Several of our customers leverage content analytics to do just that. In this post, we’ll explore how companies measure the usage, impact, and insights from content to continuously improve their enablement programs. 

Identifying the content sellers actually use

Most organizations embrace the adage that content is king. In reality, the right content for the right buyer is king. And if we’re being completely honest, marketers produce more content than sellers could ever possibly use. 

Sellers are most inclined to use content that’s most familiar and effective. So the latest and greatest content may not always be top-of-mind. When in doubt, sellers will opt for the old faithful. 

TIBCO Vice President of Corporate Marketing Shawn Rogers chose Seismic to organize the company’s content. “I needed to optimize how my content business works so I can have my team focus on the content that drives business, and not just create content for content’s sake.”

Seismic helped Rogers’ team cut through the noise. It also helped ensure that the content used by sellers was up-to-date and compliant. TIBCO ultimately retired 15 percent of its content because it was ineffective, unused, or out-of-date. By eliminating ineffective and unused content, they can paint a better picture of the content that resonates with their buyers. 

Tracking the content that buyers engage with 

Once an organization’s content is organized, they can paint a better picture of the content that’s popular with sellers, as well as with buyers. When sellers have visibility into the content that resonates with buyers, organizations can scale best practices and make the most of every buyer engagement. 

There are several ways that sales organizations can track the effectiveness of the content they share in Seismic. Revelian’s sales teams use Seismic-generated links to deliver content to prospects. They use engagement analytics from the content they share to tailor their conversations with buyers.

Revelian’s Sales Enablement Manager Zoe Mathisen notes that her team can “track client engagement of content, such as pricing proposals or tender submissions.” Her team uses that data to prioritize content that clients have proven to open more. 

Optimizing content to influence opportunities

Once sales organizations identify which content works, it’s important to understand how it affects opportunities and closed deals. When such data is combined with data from a CRM, sales organizations can gain visibility into how content influences opportunities and deals closed.

Shawn Rogers and TIBCO did just that, even creating a new metric: content-influenced opportunities. Rogers noted that with Seismic he can see “what content quota carriers used in the opportunity process and I can tie the influence of that content to deals closed. That’s a metric no one has ever been able to quantify before at TIBCO.”

Clevertouch uses Seismic’s content analytics to gain visibility into how buyers engage with their content. Their sellers use this data to personalize follow-meetings and tailor the agenda based on what the prospect most cares about. Their top-performing sellers serve as a beacon that other sales reps can use to measure the effectiveness of their sales activities. 

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