How Are You Tracking The Success of Your Marketing Content?

This is an excerpt from one of Seismic’s recent guides, “Is Your Marketing Content Supporting the Sales Process?”

Visibility is an important aspect of any organization. Employees like knowing where they stand, what plans their company has and what goals they should be striving for. Visibility is also important when it comes to the marketing collateral shared externally, especially with prospective customers. But is your organization tracking this effectively?

In many cases, when content is shared with prospects or customers, there is no way to see how the recipient is interacting with this content. Technologies exist to track whether the recipient has downloaded content or opened an email, but this doesn’t lend much insight into whether they spent time actually viewing the document or who they may have shared it with. Measuring the performance of content is imperative to find out what’s working and what’s not, so sales reps can be as effective and helpful to prospects as possible.

When evaluating your own content sharing and tracking capabilities, ask these questions:

  • Does your company have any way of knowing what marketing collateral is working or resonating with sales reps?
  • Can your salespeople see how their prospects are interacting with content? (When they open/view, how long they view it for, etc.)
  • Does your marketing team receive any positive feedback from sales about what content is successful in customer interactions?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it may be time to revisit your content strategy and how you are distributing and tracking content.

Marketers wear a number of hats, and with these hats comes a plethora of challenges. It can be difficult to evaluate the success of content once it is out in the world, but if your organization is able to track this then sales conversations will improve. When sales conversations are of high quality, your company will see more success. Organizations that are able to see what content is being downloaded and viewed can assess whether content is successful or not, and can improve content in the future for better sales conversations.

For a full checklist of content assessment questions, please download our Sales Support Checklist below!