Imagine this: The quarter has just ended and your firm’s performance was exceptional. The client relationship managers and distribution teams want access to the performance information and manager commentary fast. Your job is to prepare the quarterly commentary (no, no–don’t shudder). The stakeholders in your org have easy access to your commentary template and things are looking good. With some luck, your commentary document will be routed, approved, and ready to ship in as few as ten business days.  

That was easy. But it’s not how quarterly commentary reviews typically go. Perhaps this looks more familiar? 

Your data team collects the metrics for the previous quarter. Everything looks great (great!). They route the data to the product management team and here’s where things get shaky. They can’t validate the data. So it’s back to the data team, then back to product marketing which eventually validates the data. At this point, you’re four business days into the process and teams haven’t seen the final data or written a word. The tedious back and forth dance that is Quarterly Commentary has begun. And, so it goes.

What if your organization could reduce or eliminate delays during its quarterly commentary creation process? By reducing bottlenecks in the review cycle, your organization can expedite the approval and delivery of commentary so that everyone has what they need, faster. 

How Seismic helps simplify commentary

Our team has worked with more than 300 financial organizations to simplify their content and automation processes. We’ve listened to the stories of the frustration associated with commentary and collaborated with financial clients to simplify and automate their processes. 

Seismic helps financial firms address the core issues of quarterly commentary. We simplify commentary review cycles by starting with a single source of truth. Here’s how we help: 

  • Integration – a central location for the full commentary creating, editing, and approval process eliminates bottlenecks that cause friction and stress. 
  • Visibility – The integration ensures that stakeholders across data management, product management, investment management, marketing, and compliance have continuous access to each quarterly commentary. At each stage, stakeholders will know the status and what’s next. 
  • Speed – As soon as performance and product data is available it is integrated into your template with the existing commentary text for quicker updating
  • Preview – Stakeholders can always view the working version, as well as the final version before it is approved. 

And while we can’t guarantee that quarterly commentary will be your favorite time of the year, we know it will be far less stressful with Seismic. 

In such a competitive industry, speed to market is everything. And, especially when you have great news to share. If you’d like to learn how Seismic’s solution will simplify your quarterly commentary process, please request a demo