How we used one platform to launch an acquisition

Acquisitions are difficult to execute and land smoothly. The day that a major enterprise announces that it has acquired a company, it immediately becomes big news. As soon as customers hear the news, they’re often on the phone to get in touch with their account executives. 

When customers call, sellers need to be ready to respond. That means being well-informed and prepared to answer questions about the company you’ve just acquired. 

You may have heard that Seismic recently acquired Lessonly. The acquisition tested our ability to land new messaging and hit the ground running. 

In this post, I’ll share how we used the Seismic platform, including Lessonly by Seismic to land new messaging and immediately respond to customer demand. 

How we pivoted to land new messaging

When we found out internally that we had acquired Lessonly, we were excited. Lessonly had been a Seismic partner for years and we saw the value that our partnership had on our joint customers. We’d also seen firsthand the power of Lessonly’s sales training and coaching solution. 

So, as we prepared for the public announcement, we had early access to the native integration. From day one, our sales reps had the training they needed in order to know what to say to a customer, what to show, and when. 

Screenshot of My Learning Content

We used micro-learning because it’s easy to present and aligns with how sales reps learn. Through situational training, our sales reps could practice and fine-tune new messaging before speaking with a customer. 

We announced the acquisition confidentially to our employees and, in a matter of days, all our sales reps across the globe were trained and ready to go before we went public with the announcement. Everybody knew how to sell, price, and discuss Lessonly by Seismic. I’ve never seen the field be so ready to speak on an acquisition that quickly – our reps closed deals that same month.

Sellers need tools that cut through the noise

We were able to go to market with new messaging because we made it easy for sellers to learn what they needed to, quickly. In every organization, there’s a lot of content for sales reps to consume. From new marketing collateral to first-call decks and training, there’s a lot of noise for sellers to navigate. 

Stakeholders in marketing and enablement may share content, but the reality is that salespeople will apply their own knowledge when they need it. Sellers rely on situational awareness to understand what content they need for a given scenario. 

Seismic’s content management solution gives sellers an intuitive platform to search and access the right content at the right time. Lessonly by Seismic enables sellers to access just-in-time learning resources when they need them. 

Seismic and the power of one platform

Sales enablement is no longer a nice-to-have. Seismic has become a critical sales infrastructure for our customers because it’s a single platform where they can discover what to know, what to show, what to say, and how to follow up. 

This is important because tools matter to salespeople. When sellers know that an organization provides great tools that make things easy, they feel supported and empowered to do their jobs. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Seismic can provide you with a smarter enablement solution, check out our infographic on how to end enablement chaos

Chris Chandler
Chris Chandler
Vice President of Global Account Sales
Chris Chandler is Vice President of Global Account Sales at Seismic. He leads a team of sales professionals that have helped many of the world’s largest most recognizable companies transform how their sellers communicate the stories that share their organizations' unique value. The results have included measurable increases in buyer satisfaction, competitive win rates, and revenue growth.