Improving sales enablement with Seismic’s AI-Powered technology and HubSpot

Content marketing becomes more powerful when combined with a contact database that’s rich with prospective customers’ preferences, demographics, and other data. Sending the right content at the right time to the right person is the strategy of inbound marketing. So how can companies make that process more data-driven and automated? 

Seismic’s AI-powered platform surfaces hyper-relevant content you can use to connect with prospects, and when combined with the HubSpot CRM, reduces time spent on sales activities and research. 

Sales organizations that use CRMs see increased sales, revenue, and productivity when used effectively and regularly. And they’re even more advantageous to teams with CRMs and integrations across both sales and marketing.

Here’s how B2B organizations, sales teams, marketing teams, and sales enablement teams in industries like tech, financial services, and manufacturing can use the Seismic Integration with HubSpot to close deals up to 60% faster. 

Benefits of using AI-powered sales enablement tools with the HubSpot CRM

AI is designed to help improve automated processes, anticipate needs, solve challenges, and save overall time and effort. For rapidly growing companies, there comes a point where systems need to scale up to accommodate the quantity of data they are processing. 

Finding AI-powered sales enablement tools like Seismic leaves sales and marketing teams to think, “Why weren’t we doing this before?”

How AI-Powered sales enablement tools benefit sales and marketing teams

Seismic recommends content based on HubSpot data such as where the buyer is in the sales cycle, which products they use, industry data, and competitor information. When the content recommendations can be reviewed, sent, tracked, and followed up all right in HubSpot, it reduces clicks and manual time spent searching for the perfect conversation starter. 

Here are a few ways that Seismic can help sales and marketing teams automate and scale their workflows.

Boost sales team efficiency

With data-powered content recommendations right in the CRM, sellers have all the tools they need to conduct prospect research and outreach right in HubSpot, saving them time. 

Accelerate sales pipelines

Using Seismic and HubSpot, sales reps can quickly verify that it’s relevant and send it to the prospect, then track engagement in real-time. Sellers can store content, then access it in HubSpot when it’s the right time for the prospect to receive it. When content is hyper-personalized and sent at the right time in the buyer’s journey, it increases buyer and prospect engagement.

Increase marketing and enablement effectiveness

With a singular location for sales content, marketing teams can provide new content that aligns with the overall company strategy, and update it over time without having to chase down every sales representative individually. Reporting dashboards make it easier to understand how content is performing and optimize content strategy and creation to align with sales teams’ needs. 

3 ways to use Seismic sales content tools with the HubSpot CRM to scale sales enablement

Teams that prioritize sales enablement see better results. 65% of sales leaders who exceeded revenue goals in 2020 report having a dedicated sales enablement strategy

An effective sales enablement strategy pulls in the most effective marketing and sales tactics and is geared toward the prospect experience. With less time spent identifying the best content for an opportunity, sellers can gain up to 35% more time to focus on selling.

Here’s how CRM tools like the Seismic Integration with HubSpot can help sales and marketing teams achieve sales success. 

1. Increase sales productivity

Seismic automatically surfaces predictive content recommendations within Deals, Contacts, Leads, and Accounts in HubSpot, recommending the right content at the right time. The Seismic integration increases user adoption and engagement with easy-to-use tools built into the HubSpot CRM. Out-of-the-box dashboards and analytics show time spent looking at documents, which content prospects view, and more.

Seismic LiveDocs Personalization also provides the ability to automate and personalize sales content at scale, removing 80% of the resources required to create materials.

2. Accelerate sales cycles

The integration gives sellers insight into which content buyers engage with to enable more relevant and personalized follow-up throughout the buyer journey. By delivering personalized and relevant conversations, sellers are able to accelerate sales progress and close deals up to 60% faster.

The Seismic NewsCenter offers a curated collection of articles that sales professionals can access on the go-to guide conversations with prospects. Marketing teams can customize the news content and update it regularly to ensure sales content aligns with brand guidelines.

3. Enable data-backed marketing decisions

The integration enables marketers to make data-backed decisions about

content development and management. Marketers are able to align ROI to content performance, see what content is driving revenue, and identify content that needs to be refreshed or removed. Sales enablement content can include content playbooks, videos, or other strategic sales enablement data, and can be personalized to your organization’s product or service.

Sales enablement tools that integrate with powerful CRMs like HubSpot represent a huge opportunity for marketers. Marketing teams have insight into what content is being used and how that content is resonating with viewers. Go to the source and discover what content is leading to deals, then replicate that content and open more conversations with the sales team to learn what they want next. 

HubSpot and Seismic are helping over 3,500 HubSpot Sales team members achieve their sales goals. Start empowering your go-to-market (GTM) teams to approach sales enablement content marketing differently, and leverage the power of AI as a key sales and marketing tool with the Seismic Integration with HubSpot

Katherine Boyarsky
Katherine Boyarsky
Guest Author
Katherine is the cofounder of CXD Studio, a creative content marketing agency. She is also a registered nurse and resides in the Boston area.