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Introducing Foreshock: Stories for High-Growth Start-Ups

The global startup economy continues to grow and expand. Startup Genome’s 2019 Global Startup Ecosystem Report found that startups created $2.8 trillion dollars in value between 2016 and 2018, more than double that figure from five years ago. And with new industries becoming startup darlings by the moment, and a wide swath of cities across the globe vying to become the “next Silicon Valley,” there is no sign of startups and growth companies slowing down as a major economic force.

But these companies aren’t just numbers. Every one has a unique story, with unique circumstances that sprung their success – or to failure and lessons learned. They all face different challenges and different paths to growth based on myriad factors, from industry and economic conditions and funding. And as long as the allure of going out and making it on your own remains intriguing to a certain brave and daring subset of workers, there will also continue to be  the need to learn from those who have been through the fire.

So Seismic’s upcoming Medium blog series, Foreshock, is here to tell those stories. The people and companies who have been through rapid company growth all have lessons and advice to share, and this series is designed to bring together a wide array of perspectives and experiences on what it takes to navigate growth. From sales and marketing to product development, from corporate business decisions to personal career growth and brand building – if it has been a flashpoint for a company during growth, it is relevant to Foreshock.

This series will have content coming from tech luminaries like Drift, G2, Gong, and Seismic, with more to come as the series progresses. We will be wrapping things up in December, so look out for all our exciting new content until then.

Ultimately, we hope this series proves insightful for people and companies that are experiencing the same opportunities, the same crossroads, the same growing pains, and the same successes as the group of contributors here. With guidance and experience to share from those who are in the midst of different phases of company growth, Foreshock will serve as a hub for anybody looking to see what it takes to bring a company into and through hypergrowth.

Do you have a story to tell about rapid growth? Get in touch.