LiveDocs use cases: Thinking beyond traditional presentations

Creating content is time-consuming for a number of reasons. It’s difficult to keep content up to date, and creating one-off assets for one person or a specific event can take time away from other high-priority projects.

Seismic LiveDocs can resolve these use cases but its functionality can also address other content personalization and automation use cases. If your sales organization customizes or personalizes content, your marketing team can save time by eliminating one-off requests. Have you ever asked yourself any of the following:  

  • Do I really have to update our decks with new employee stats every time we hire a new person?
  • How do I make sure advisors’ bios stay up to date, while ensuring they are compliant and approved?
  • I want to create targeted messaging to show the value of a webinar to customers across different industries. Is there a way to do it where I don’t have to manage 15 different invitations?

If any of these sound familiar, you’ve most likely found a strong use case to automate content using LiveDocs!

What are some common LiveDocs use cases?

LiveDocs reliably save time and energy across marketing teams while providing sales an easy way to customize specific information. LiveDocs functionality offers the full range of customization: Sales reps can perform simple tasks such as selecting slides, as well as more complex tasks like automated decks that dynamically update based on data from an external source (like a CRM). 

To help sales reps get started, Seismic highlights standard LiveDoc use cases. While some may be industry-specific, most apply to any company or industry (including financial services, software, manufacturing, and healthcare, just to name a few). Select use cases include: 

  • Fact sheets (financial services specific)
  • Pitchbooks
  • Meeting templates
  • Account review or QBR decks
  • Overview and top-of-funnel presentations

But you don’t have to limit LiveDocs functionality to the “standard” use cases. With some creativity, LiveDocs can open a world of opportunity across different assets used by your sales and marketing teams. 

How to do even more with LiveDocs

Seismic’s Solution Consulting team works closely with customers and prospects to manage use cases. For more complex scenarios, our team follows a set of guiding principles to determine if LiveDocs is a good fit. We typically ask ourselves the following:

  • Is there a base template that marketing adjusts based on the audience?
  • Does the document customize specific sales or customer information?
  • Do document managers manually copy and paste data from excel into the document?

With these principles in mind, Seismic consulting has partnered with clients across industries to build LiveDocs that save time and create personalized content at scale. The following examples highlight some unique LiveDocs use cases that address real marketing pain points and provide value across sales and marketing organizations:

1. A manufacturing and a software company both integrated LiveDocs with their CRM data to automate the creation of customer case studies, saving marketing time that would otherwise be spent formatting and copying and pasting in information from the CRM.

2. A telecommunications company created a LiveDoc that sellers use to track and understand which promotions apply to their customers based on certain qualifications, like time period and company size.

3. A financial services company leverages Seismic lists (a built-in Seismic database) and LiveDocs to help advisors update their bio information so that presentations are always up to date and compliance approved. 

4. A software company built out a LiveDoc template for an invitation to a marketing event, which allowed sellers to customize the text and messaging based on the recipient’s persona and industry, creating more targeted messaging about the value of the event.

The above use cases leverage the same core LiveDocs functionality, but by identifying key pain points for sellers and marketers, the marketing teams used data from their tech stack to develop creative solutions alongside the Seismic team.

If you’re interested in learning how you can leverage LiveDocs in your organization, customers can reach out to their Customer Success Manager (CSM) or check out our customer community to see examples of other customer use cases. If you’re not a customer, but would like to learn more, speak to an expert.

Samantha Robbins
Samantha Robbins
Samantha Robbins is a Senior Manager at Seismic, where she leads the Financial Services Solution Consulting practice, focusing on best practices around implementing Seismic’s content automation solutions. She has a background in digital transformation consulting and is passionate about working with customers to identify practical and valuable ways to leverage data and automation to solve business problems.