Many B2B and services companies run into this problem all the time: how can I get buyers’ attention when they view my product as boring? Software, insurance and financial services companies have a difficult time marketing their product or service, let alone sell it in a compelling and catchy manner. So, how can salespeople keep prospects’ attention and make selling a boring product exciting?

1. Use a personal voice. This may be difficult for some brands and salespeople, because the nature of their service or product is more formal (life insurance, security software, etc.). But by relating to the customer in a personal way, you are more likely to draw them in and appeal to their needs. In phone calls and emails, focus on their needs and how you know you can help them.

2. Be useful. You’re already trying to keep someone’s attention; don’t lose it by not understanding their pain points. By consistently sharing useful, applicable content you will create a positive relationship with prospects and gain credibility as a helpful resource. Examples of fun, useful content include checklists, infographics and quizzes or assessments that create or identify a need for your product or service.

3. Engage socially. According to AdWeek, 58% of B2B marketers spent more budget money on social media in 2014 than all previous years. Social media is a great way to use that personal voice and engage with prospective customers in a less intrusive, more casual way. Whether this is on an individual or corporate level (think company Twitter accounts), it is important to be visible on social media where many prospects are starting their buyer’s journey.

4. Use your current customers as messengers. GoToMeeting does this perfectly. Using real customers and relaying real benefits that your product provides builds trust with prospects and entices others to try your product or service. As we know, referrals and word of mouth are very influential during a buying process, so having case studies, testimonials or—bonus points—videos of your customers using your product will go a long way.

Selling your “boring” product doesn't have to be boring. Think outside the box, be genuine, and focus on why someone would want to buy it in the first place.

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