Mastering Excellence: The Art of Enablement in Consulting (Part 1)

There’s not one equation to success in consulting. Teams and organizations can operate differently, and still be successful; however, as competition evolves, differentiation is paramount. How can you pull your consulting services apart? Seismic believes the answer is enablement.

With that, we welcome you to Seismic’s blog series Mastering Excellence: The Art of Enablement in Consulting, where once a month we’ll post new trends, insights, and recommendations on business development and marketing enablement in Consulting.

Now, for our first post, former Sr. Consultant (now Seismic employee), Sam Theodosopoulos talks about his journey from Consulting to Sales Enablement…Enjoy!


Sam Theodosopoulos is a Client Development Representative at Seismic. He has an extensive background in the consulting world and will be dropping by the Seismic blog periodically to offer insights into that world. Today he provides background on how he made the shift from consulting to sales enablement.

After graduating from The George Washington University with a degree in political science and realizing that I was not going to be the next Karl Rove or David Axelrod, I focused my career search on landing an entry level role in either management consulting or investment banking.

I had interned at a few “think tanks” and lobbying firms when I was attending college in D.C., so I figured my best bet (given my lack of coursework in accounting and finance) was to aim for strategy, operations, and regulatory consulting at one of the Big 4 firms in New York. I was able to leverage my previous experience in lobbying for banking clients during the 2008 financial crisis and land in the consulting Associate program at one of the Big 4 (Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC).

In my new role I realized quite quickly that there were a plethora of issues around creating client and proposal decks. Mostly, this was a very manual effort with senior consultants (think Managers, Directors, and Partners) spending hours searching through various SharePoint sites, asking coworkers for materials to repurpose, and collaborating with others on the slides, which created multiple, scattered versions. It seemed crazy to me that this process was not automated.

Consulting Enablement

After working at two other top consulting firms and eventually being promoted to Senior Consultant, I realized that this is an issue that bogs down the entire professional services industry. Finding and building content is the No. 1 thing keeping folks at these top consulting firms from doing their jobs. I came to Seismic to help solve this problem in an industry that I am very familiar with and have realized that these issues—content creation, management, and analytics—are industry agnostic.

Seismic’s industry-leading platform enables large professional services firms to better find, rapidly assemble, manage, collaborate, and track content your employees show/deliver to clients and internal stakeholders. As the top company in the sales enablement space we have proven to significantly increase our clients’ revenue, while improving customer experience, productivity, and closing pursuits (consulting speak for deals).

I truly enjoyed my time in the management consulting industry and was able to work on a variety of projects for top tier global financial institutions and help advise them on efficiency, technology, and operational excellence. I came to Seismic to have the same level of impact on my new customers and I know that Seismic can truly be transformational for the consulting industry, as well as any business looking to improve their sales and marketing effectiveness.