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Welcome to Part 2 of Seismic’s blog series, Mastering Excellence: The Art of Enablement in Consulting. Once a month we’ll post new trends, insights, and recommendations on business development and marketing enablement in Consulting. If you missed Part 1, you can catch up here.

Today we’re talking: digital transformation.  

According to Forrester Principal Analyst, Dan Bieler, “Professional services firms must go through their own digital transformation before they can truly help their customers.”

Makes sense, right?

He continues,

Traditional management consulting partnership models and their silo-practices are unlikely to deliver CIOs the most appropriate solutions for a digital age. [CIOs] need the right support to survive and thrive in a digital economy. Those [firms] that live and breathe the digital world internally and have restructured organizationally…are ahead of the pack in supporting their clients through the digital transformation.”

While overwhelmingly true, this type of change doesn’t happen overnight, especially in larger professional services firms. This piqued my interest: How are firms thinking about digital transformation? What has their evolution journey looked like to date?

To provide some answers, I enlisted Sam Theodosopoulos, Director of Client Development at Seismic (and past Consultant for PwC, KPMG, and Accenture) and Brian Dapelo, Managing Director at Monarch Consulting Group to discuss the hot topic.

Enjoy this brief and informative podcast that covers the current evolution of digital transformation in Consulting and the need for firms to adapt in order to provide a premiere client experience.