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Why Seismic’s U.S. offices will be closed on election day

Making sure that our employees are able to participate in the democratic process of voting is very important to Seismic’s leadership team — we believe in giving our employees the time to make their voice heard. That’s why we’ve decided to close all of our offices in the United States, from San Diego to Boston, to ensure that every employee is able to cast their vote on November 3rd

We’re one of many companies that realizes the importance of formally giving employees time off to exercise their right to vote. According to Time to Vote, a business-led, nonpartisan coalition that aims to increase voter participation in the U.S. elections, more than 700 companies have joined their mission to give employees the opportunity, time, and tools they need to participate in this year’s general election. Businesses are coming to the realization that allowing employees to take time off is of utmost importance to our democracy. 

At Seismic, we want to do our part. We strive to invest in our employees as much as they invest in us. By providing this day off, we want to ensure that our employees feel valued and are able to balance their professional and personal lives. We also recognize that many of us are feeling the intensity of this election cycle and offered counselor-led support sessions to assist employees who may be feeling concerned or anxious about the election.

The Seismic team shouldn’t have to choose between making a meeting or finding time to get to their local polling center. We encourage all our employees to take this day and make sure their vote counts. Whether you’re voting in person or taking your ballot to a drop box, it matters! For resources on voting, please visit vote.org

Doug Winter
Doug Winter
Doug Winter is the co-founder and CEO of Seismic. Doug also co-founded Objectiva Software Solutions. Doug served as Chief Operations Officer and general manager at EMC Document Sciences until founding Seismic in 2010. In 2019, Doug was named one of the 10 Best CEOs of Small/Mid-Size Companies in the U.S. by Comparably.