Prudential Capital and Synchrony Financial Share their Seismic Success Stories

As a Titanium sponsor of last week’s SiriusDecisions Summit, two of Seismic’s rockstar customers were given the opportunity to share their journeys to sales enablement success. Grace Healy, the CMO of Prudential Capital, and Vince Lowe, the VP of Sales Effectiveness at Synchrony Financial gave two great presentations each about recognizing their companies’ specific needs for a sales enablement solution and how Seismic has helped.

Grace spoke about Prudential’s journey of developing a digital marketing platform to improve relationship management on a global scale. Prudential Capital was growing extremely fast and spreading out across the world, so scalability and consistency were key. Seismic allowed Prudential Capital to centralize all of its content and customer information into one place so all teams could access it, no matter how far apart they were. It also gave them the opportunity to share and streamline best practices in a more efficient and convenient way. But the most important feature of Seismic for Prudential Capital was its mobile capabilities. Grace focused on her company’s road warriors, who needed access to all sales collateral and customer/company information from mobile devices and tablets. Enter Seismic, which integrates with Salesforce to allow for opportunity and contact-specific content offerings. We are so pleased that Prudential Capital has been able to mobilize its sales force, especially the road warriors.

Vince Lowe discussed the importance of customer engagement at his company, Synchrony Financial (formerly a part of GE Capital), and how technology speeds up the intensive process of understanding and interacting with customers. Vince suggested that there are three major keys to effective growth:

  • Technology: mobilizing the sales force with a fully-digital ecosystem
  • People: empowering the right people who have the right skills to grow and learn
  • Process: investing in productivity tools and analytics

Vince reported that Seismic is helping especially in the technology and process areas; by providing field management and analytics capabilities on content usage and accessibility, Synchrony is able to assess the effectiveness and growth of the organization as a whole. Further, sales reps are more productive with Seismic’s LiveDocs capability and can build customized presentations much more efficiently and spend more time with clients.

We are so thankful to these two customers for sharing their Seismic success stories at the SiriusDecisions Summit!

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