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A global software company experienced such great results from their investment in our sales enablement technology that they asked us remain anonymous for competitive reasons.

With Seismic, a big software company doubled its win-rate in a key business unit — adding millions of dollars to the top-line.

The Challenge

A major software company offers a broad array of technical products and a sales organization spread across dozens of countries. It is critical that sales teams message effectively, communicating the most relevant and effective content to prospects.

The Solution

The company used Seismic’s sales enablement solution to match their sales and marketing content with key sales situations. That meant relevant content was instantly recommended to sales users. They also used content analytics to see what content drove sales, so they knew where to invest their marketing and sales enablement budgets.

The Results

Seismic doubled the sales win-rate for the organization’s business unit. That added millions in additional revenue to their top-line.

Organize Content for Sales Enablement

The sales enablement team knew that organizing content by how it is most effective in the market makes it easy for sales to find effective content. They defined a set of attributes like geography, customer vertical, submission date, software product, competitors, and other unique identifiers. And they used Seismic to map these descriptions back to each content piece.

Now when sales needs to message to a prospect, they can instantly find the right sales enablement content at the right time. No more searching for relevant information to include in an RFP. Plus, Seismic’s content discovery tools recommend related and interesting content to users as they browse for sales materials.

“We wanted a sales enablement technology that would make it incredibly efficient to retrieve the ideal content for a proposal and sales situation at the right time – effortlessly. And that solution is Seismic.”

Predicting What Sales Content Wins

The company knows that it’s not enough to simply use the content you have. You must constantly evaluate your sales enablement content and determine what is effective in different sales situations.

In Seismic, the team tracks which sales enablement content wins opportunities – and for how much. That lets the team know the ROI of specific collateral elements so the best content gets used– a critical piece of sales enablement insight.

With that business intelligence, the team removes non-performing content and promotes collateral that closes business. That means proposals get more effective over time.

And the results? The company has more than doubled its win-rate for fast-moving proposals. That’s had an immense effect on the company’s top line.

“The sales engagement is your time to shine, but only if you put your best foot forward,” said their Director of Sales Engineers. “Seismic helps us identify and use sales enablement content with the highest ROI, and that’s generated millions in additional revenue for us.”

Always Improving Content ROI

ROI data and Seismic insights helps the team to identify content gaps and usage. Reports quickly show which collateral is being used and which is less needed. That means that the team can focus its efforts on enhancing the most important and used collateral.

Seismic makes it easy for their sales and marketing to continuously improve content. Sales team members are instantly alerted when new sales material is available, so they can communicate fresh materials to their prospects. Plus, content remains always-current – with no version-control to manage.

With Seismic, the company is able to put the best content forward in sales engagements. That sales enablement win means an even more effective sales process.