Our acquisition of Grapevine6 and the launch of Seismic LiveSocial

Today’s sellers know that social media is fundamental to the modern selling environment. It’s been a vital tool to reach prospects and customers for quite some time now, and this year’s heightened reliance on digital communication tools has only elevated the importance of social media in a seller’s arsenal. According to LinkedIn, 62% of B2B buyers respond to salespersons that connect with relevant insights and opportunities, and 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to engage with someone if they’re a known thought leader, which is often developed by posting to social media.

Social media in sales today

Unfortunately, there aren’t many existing tools to engage with buyers in an effective and authentic manner across platforms, all while staying compliant, building a personal brand, and driving revenue for your organization.

In today’s dynamic sales landscape, buyers want to hear from and connect with trusted advisors, not companies, on social media. That’s why I’m excited to announce that Seismic has acquired Grapevine6, a social and digital sales engagement platform.

A new way to engage with buyers on social media

As a result of the acquisition, we’re launching a new integrated offering called Seismic LiveSocial, a social engagement solution for sales and client-facing teams. Seismic LiveSocial leverages the AI engine built by Grapevine6 to help sellers become trusted advisors by authentically engaging with their prospects and clients across the social media landscape.

With Seismic LiveSocial, sales teams can share timely, reputable, and compliant content from over 11,000 third-party publishers across six different languages, targeting the right buyers across multiple social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally, brand leaders can measure the ROI of their social engagement strategy.

What’s next?

Seismic LiveSocial is available today and we’re excited to start sharing it with our customers right away. Unifying social engagement and sales enablement creates unmatched customer insights for sales and marketing to personalize the conversations that drive revenue growth. I’m also thrilled that Grapevine6’s full team will join Seismic, including CEO Mike Orr, who will continue leading the LiveSocial team.

For more details on the acquisition, visit Seismic’s Newsroom for our press release. Learn more about Seismic LiveSocial here.

Doug Winter
Doug Winter
Doug Winter is the co-founder and CEO of Seismic. Doug also co-founded Objectiva Software Solutions. Doug served as Chief Operations Officer and general manager at EMC Document Sciences until founding Seismic in 2010. In 2019, Doug was named one of the 10 Best CEOs of Small/Mid-Size Companies in the U.S. by Comparably.